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Let’s Get #NagasStreetStyled!

Lungzeu and Kuku: In pursuit of street style fashion.


We all love being fashionable and stylish, don’t we? For many of us, fashion is style! But for Lungzeu and Kuku fashion is something they love and nurture. It is a passion which they have an immense appreciation for.  These two Naga sisters have been curating Naga street style fashion since August 2015 and the result is Nagasstreetstyle page on Instagram! Street style represents the frontier of self-expression and do-it-yourself spirit and this art is greatly appreciated by Lungzeu and Kuku through Nagasstreetstyle page on Instagram.

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Kuku and Lungzeu-The co-owners of Nagasstreetstyle

Nagasstreetstyle has over 41.5k followers and 10k page views per week. Well, that is quite a number! Their love for fashion triggered them to start their own fashion blog, which has always been their dream, and they found their way right into their dream via Instagram. This page accentuates the street style fashion sense of stylish and fashionable Nagas. It also acts as a network of people for interacting and appreciating good style.  Huge applaud to the fashion duo for benchmarking Naga street style fashion at a level. They also cover events and scouts for street style fashion photos from Nagas across the country.

 “We absolutely love discovering trendy and gorgeous people on Instagram, and we came to realize that most of those people whose style we admired weren’t some people living in New York or London, but they were Nagas right here. It was then we had the idea to start this page to create a network of people who could enjoy good style, and not just another “shoutout” page. We have tried to keep our page relevant and fresh by not posting random trends but according to a certain aesthetic.” says Kuku.

Not only do they love street style fashion, but they also love keeping up with the various fashion weeks from New York, London, Milan and Paris. And they hunnamed (7)ope that one day Nagaland can have its own fashion week which they’d be more than glad to cover it. They believe in style and ethical and sustainable fashion. They wish to see this vision come to live in the future Naga fashion industry.

“Nagas have an inherently beautiful sense of style. Look at the way our people have been dressing for ages, the beautiful mekhelas, shawls, fancy headgears, jewelleries, and the incorporation of colours and textures. However, we would like to acknowledge that Nagas lack an institutional support for fashion as a career, whether it’s designers, models, stylists and bloggers. We believe that Nagas can establish a global presence through fashion but we surely do need better institutional support.” says Kuku , co-owner of Nagasstreetstyle.

Lungzeu is a mother of two who loves good books, good movies and scouting social media for the latest trends and feeds to follow. Kuku is the younger of the two and enjoys reading books and watching movies, and is currently doing an Oscar nominated movie marathon. 


A big shout out to Lungzeu and Kuku for sharing and spreading their immense love for fashion through #Nagasstreetstyle!

Check out the entire Nagasstreetstyle page on Instagram. Follow nagastreetstyle on Instagram for fresh new street style updates.

You can also follow Lungzeu and Kuku on Instagram for their fashionable personal updates!


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