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The 10th NE Tamchon Football Tournament (2016): Ukhrul FC Wins the Kickoff Match


Attended by several hundreds roaring football fans, the 10th North East Tamchon Football Tournament was inaugurated by Worthing Marchang, (President TNSD) on 19th November 2016 at Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi.

The inauguration saw performances from various artist, i.e. Retro Sonic, Maker Kashung, Sothingam Shaiza, Vania Chawang, Horchuila Langzya. Two separate cultural dance were also presented, Zaliangrong War Dance and Thang Ta.

The inaugural evening was followed by the kickoff match between the defending champion Muvanlai and the team from the host’s district, Ukhrul FC. With good skills between the team, the match was intense.

Tamchon Tournament 2016
Muvanlai and Ukhrul FC with the NE Tamchon Football Tournament Officials

While Muvanlai had the advantage of being the defending champion putting up a considerable fight, Ukhrul FC had the crowd chanting it’s name, winning against the defending champion by 1-0. Ayat Chiphang (jr. no 15) scored the winning goal.

The league matches are scheduled to start from 20th November till 28th November 2016. Quarter finals and finals from 29th November to 2nd December.  Participating teams for the 10th North East Tamchon Football Tournament are: Muvanlai Athletics FC; MISAD; Ukhrul FC; Naharkatiya Football Academy; SSPP; Nirvana Rhino; Chnadel FC; Exodus FC; Hmar FC; Barhungka FC, Zeliangrong FC, Garo Warriors FC.

These 16 team will fight in the group stages to secure their place in the finals. Here is the group stage fixture.

group stage tamchon tropgy
Group Stage Fixture, 10th NE Tamchon Football Tournament

The team champion will be awarded a cash prize of rupees 5 lakh, and the runners up with 3 lakhs. Don’t miss out the finals on 2nd December.

The North East Tamchon Tournament is one of the biggest football tournaments in New Delhi initiated in the year 2007 in memory of (L) RN Tamchon, the then ACP Delhi Police. The tournament features various teams from North-East India, representing respective communities residing in the national capital.  It is organised by the Tangkhul Naga Society Delhi with support from various government and private agencies.

In case you had to squint your eye just a little too much in the given fixture, you can refer to this Fixture.

Tamchon trophy schedule


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