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Looking for ways to earn from Instagram? You need to check out these 10 websites!


Instagram is now a part of every youth and we all know how addictive it is. Be it sharing your beautiful photos or sharing your short video clips or your musically videos, Instagram is where all the youths are spending our time. Though I use Instagram, I’m not so active there and my private connections are limited to a handful of friends whom I know personally. However, I have come across a lot of NE people who are very active and with thousands of followers. If you are one of such active Instagram user with thousands of followers, why not monetize it? Well, you may be thinking how to monetize it. Your search for that answer ends right here.

Nowadays a lot of brands and marketers are looking for influencers to reach out their products and brands to the people. There are many influencer marketplace which can help you connect with brands and marketers and make you earn from your Instagram account. After doing some research on the internet, I have compiled a list of websites where you can sign up as influencers and connect with marketers and brands who will pay you for promoting their products or brands!

Here are 10 websites which can help you earn money from your Instagram account!

1. Buzzweb: If you have more than 5,000 followers, you could join Buzzweb and monetize your Instagram influence. You can use the platform to calculate your potential monthly earnings based on the size of your following. And you can apply to be a part of as many campaigns as you wish. After your post is approved, you get paid within 24 hours.

2. Influence.co: Influence.co extends to more than 1,000 brands across 65+ countries. You can look for ones that you wish to partner with and directly submit an application to join their campaign. If you’re still a micro-influencer, this is much better than waiting around for a brand to approach you for a partnership.

3. TRIBE: TRIBE is an excellent platform for influencers who only have a few thousand followers. The process of working with brands on the platform is fairly simple. You just need to find brands that you already use and are a fan of. You can then create a post for that brand and submit it for review. Once approved, you get paid within 48 hours.

4. TapInfluence: There’s also TapInfluence, which estimates your monthly earning potential once you create your profile. You can choose the topics and subtopics you specialize in, then set your rate. The platform then matches you with brands whose needs match your characteristics.

5. Fullbottle: If your content tends to get high levels of engagement, Fullbottle would be an ideal platform for you. On this platform, you don’t charge per post but, instead, get paid according to the engagement your content drives. You can bid a certain amount for every like on the Instagram post you create for a brand.

6. Shoutcart: Sell a “shout out” to your audience on behalf of a brand, regardless of how large your following is.

7. Fohr Card: Connect your Instagram, blog, YouTube channel, and other social platforms to create an influencer “card” that shows your different profiles and total reach for brands shopping around for a partnership. You also get access to a list of brands and their wants, so you can take the initiative to reach out too.

8. Grapevine: If you have 5000 or more followers, you can list yourself in the Grape Vine marketplace for the opportunity to work with like-minded brands.

9. Crowd Tap: Do small content creation tasks to earn rewards. This is great if you’ve got a smaller audience. Available in the U.S only.

10. IndaHash: Brands put up campaigns that you can participate in. Post a picture with the specified hashtags on Instagram and get paid. You need 700 engaged followers to be eligible.

That’s it! Check out the websites, sign it up, get connected with brands and start earning!!!

Happy InstaEarning!!!

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Looking for ways to earn from Instagram? You need to check out these 10 websites! 3
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