Rap Battle | Moko Koza vs G’nie

Rapper Moko Koza from Nagaland and G’nie from Mizoram recently came together for a Rap Battle at Musika Festival 2022. As expected, the duo were seen spitting bars at one another.

One may recall the diss war that went between the rappers from the Northeast. It all started when G’nie released a song K.O.N.E (King of North East). Many famous rappers from the NE joined the chorus to reply to his song, BK, Moko Koza, Yelhomie etc.

Don’t forget to check this out – NE rap gods are on a diss war and it’s dope AF!

Watch Moko Koza vs G’nie Rap Battle here

 Moko Koza was seen spitting words mocking G’nie about his King of Northeast (K.O.N.E). “How can you claim to be the king of the Northeast, when you haven’t even been to the eight states of the Northeast?”

And leaves with an important message to the audience, “just because we are dissing each other doesn’t mean we are hateful. The only reason we are doing this tonight, is to show you people the real meaning of Hip-Hop. It goes way beyond the hate“.

And here are some verses from G’Nie

You know what else rhymes with Moko? Homo.

…Tribally Savage, Lyrically average, physically …. Ah nobody wants to see your saggy ass man tits bro…”

I’m not here to battle you, I’m just here to show you what sexy is.

He’s like Dimapur, coz his style is dusty and mere plain.…. My bars go over your head like hand luggage on airplanes

I’m the man, even in Nagaland, All these people, they came here to see me. Eye’s all on me like the name of my city (Aizawl)

Half of your clout is based off the fact that you diss me. I made you dumbo.

 Well for this rap battle, G’nie was the clear winner with his rhymes and lyrical punches.  Maybe our very own Moko Koza was just being a good host and being humble and soft on the guest!

Well, we would definitely love to see G’nie up against BK!


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