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Unleash your writing potential on Morung.com

Get paid for your words, thoughts, and ideas.

Morung is an all-in-one platform for the Northeast region where you can share your stories, build an audience, and earn money.


At Morung, we understand the value of content creation and strive to reward our writers for their passion and hard work. With multiple ways to earn money, Morung stands out from other platforms like Medium and Vocal.

There are many ways of earning money with Morung:

  1. BASIC – At Morung, we believe in your passion and hard work and it should not go unpaid. Unlike other platforms where you can get paid for blogging, like Meidum, Vocal, etc., we at Morung pay a basic amount for every blog you published.

  2. WORD COUNT – Another feature that is not found in other platforms that pays you for writing is our word count. Apart from the basic amount for every blog post, we also pay you for every word. The more words your content is, the more you earn. However, we have capped it at 2000 words, which we believe is sufficient enough. But having said that, if you write more than 2000 words, the better it is.


  3. READS – Apart from the basic and the word counts, your every read contributes to your earnings. So basically, the more views your post gets, the more you earn from it. Unlike other platforms which rewards you on a CPM (cost per thousand) basis, at Morung we count payment on every single page view. The more reads your post receives, the more you are compensated. Promote your story through our community, your social networks, friends, and family, to increase your earnings.


  4. BONUS – Bonus is another payment feature we are compensating our users. We at our discretion will give out bonuses for outstanding articles, for publishing X number of posts, etc.


  5. AFFILIATES – Do you have an affiliate product that you’re interested in promoting? Embed your Amazon affiliate product, promote YouTube video, or Spotify link into your story to drive your readers to purchase, watch, and listen.


  6. CONTEST – From time to time we will be running contest on particular topic, theme, etc. The winner of the contest will be accordingly rewarded with prize money.

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