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Fall In Love With Bhargav’s First Music Video ‘Love is Better Than Wine’


Guwahati based indie musician Bhargav has released his debut single ‘ Love is Better Than Wine’. The song is about longing and cherishing the little moments you share with the person you adore the most in your life.

Bhargav used to explore music when he was in Don Bosco, Guwahati and he started to play with his friends when he was in 12th grade and was one of the founding members of the band called CHAMBER in 2010. He is also the lead vocalist of the band called TICKS TALK. In 2013, TICKS TALK opened for the legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio in Nepal and Neal Morse Band and Mike Portnoy at the Mood Indigo Festival IIT Mumbai.

In 2014, Bhargav and Writam Changkakoti started a duo project called BNW. They have been composing and creating songs which are completed and yet to be released. Presently, Bhargav has been busy with his band Ticks Talk, which is coming up with new songs after a break.Love is better than Wine’ happens to be Bhargav’s one of his solo projects.

Song Lyrics:

Hey You! Why do you do that to me
Everytime you disappear
Leaving me with your ruby lips history

And it’s true nobody can love like you
sometimes you pull me near
And say let’s start a family
I miss you… yes I do!

Honey I just wanna let you know
someone waiting for you here
everyday everynight.

I see you dancing in the moonlight
you know I love your smile
I stop and stare at you for a while
You make me high do you know why

Your love is working better than wine!

Composition and Lyrics: Bhargav
Keyboard Arrangements: Writam Changkakoti
Mixing: Writam Changkakoti
Mixing Assistant: Gregory
Recording: Noel Rajpillay

Direction and Screenplay: Kadambari Kashyap
Video Location: In and around Bangalore.
Production Assistants: Namrata Das, Gagan Das.
Camera and Editing: Kadambari Kashyap

Follow Bhargav on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bhargavchamber

The video is directed by Kadambari Kashyap, a young budding film maker from Assam. Catch her up on her social links below.

Follow Kadambari Kashyap


Shilpa Johar is a lovely creative person and she has been featured in this video. She is passionate about writing and filmmaking. Also sometimes she doesn’t mind being on screen and and plays the given role so beautifully.

Follow Shilpa Johar on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shilpajohar


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