Neglected by Govt., 3000 Citizens From 5 Villages Undertake Road Repair Work In Nagaland

Irked by pitiable road condition between Chakhabama-Zunheboto, about 3000 citizens belonging to five villages namely Thenyizu, Chesezu, Chetheba, Chakhabama and Chesezu Nasa today undertook road repairing work, which actually should have been carried out by the State Government.

Both young and old joined in the mass social work at the road stretching 27 km between Chakhabama- Chetheba.  Chozuba village, Runguzu Nasa, Khulazu Basa and Chozuba town also assisted this mass social work.

“How many more years do we have to wait to have good road. Enough is enough. We want good roads,” an elderly man from Thenyizu village cried out in consternation.

Thenyizu village council chairman, Zhothiyi Dawhuo said citizens have been facing untold sufferings and it was not safe to travel on the said route. He urged the concerned authority to pay due attention.

Citiazens undertake road repair work in Nagaland

Chesezu village council chairman, Meleyi Khesoh said the pitiable road condition has affected farming and commercial activities as well. He alleged that many vehicular accidents occurred as result of the pitiable road condition.

Later, the citizens of Thenyizu village, Chesezu village, Chetheba town, Chesezu Nasa and Chakhabama village submitted a joint memorandum to Minister for National Highways & Mechanical Engineering, Nuklutoshi through EAC Chetheba.

Thejakhrienuo Nisa, EAC Chetheba on behalf of the administration conveyed moral support to the citizens on their campaign to have a good road. She said the joint memorandum received from the five villages would be submitted to the concerned Minister at the earliest.

Chokri Area Public Organization (CAPO) president, Vezhosa Chuzho and Chozuba Adhoc Town Committee vice chairman, Vediio Khesoh also extended support and solidarity to the five villages.

“The Kohima –Zunheboto road is our life-line of which about 46 Kms falls under our jurisdiction and through which our people have immensely benefitted for the past 60 years,” the memorandum read.

Citiazens undertake road repair work in Nagaland

However, it lamented that the construction of 2-Lane road from Chakhabama to Zunheboto “has nearly shut us out and brought us back to savage and primitive lives again. Our wet terrace fields were destroyed; our irrigation canals were covered and untraceable. Our transportation has become dangerous, riskier and expensive.”

In such a tricky and critical situation, the memorandum cautioned that the citizens can no longer remain a silent spectator.

The citizens of the five villages has therefore demanded the resumption of road repairing be initiated within one week from the date of submission of the memorandum and machineries/equipments be stationed at Chetheba town for emergency repairs.

It further demanded that construction works should be resumed within one month time. The memorandum was duly attested by heads of the respective village council of the five villages.


Except for the heading, we have not edited the contents.

Source: MorungExpress

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