Two Naga Riders in Top 8 Position in MTB Downhill Race Trophy by CHIKO Adventures


In the recently concluded Shirui Lily State festival 2018 in Ukhrul, Manipur’s most promising adventure startup, the CHIKO Adventures, organised the 2nd MTB Downhill Race where two Naga MTB Downhill riders bagged the 6th and 8th position.


Three Naga riders from Dimapur participated in the 2nd MTB Downhill Race Trophy organised by the CHIKO Adventures during the Shirui Lily State Festival 2018 Manipur. Representing Trail Hounds Cycling Club and Native StationSeyieo Sekhose, Kevilebo Zhotso, Kezeuito Viswentso participated in the downhill race. Additionally, one Naga rider, Yursem A.C, from Ukhrul participated in the race representing the CHIKO Adventures.

Rider 110 – Yursem AC representing the CHIKO Adventures bagged the 6th Position with a race time of 1:34.3 (in minutes). Rider 105- Seyieo Sekhose representing the Native Station Kohima bagged the 8th position with a race time of 1:47.9 (in minutes).

A total of 15 riders from five different states competed for the title, i.e Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Assam and Manipur.  

MTB Downhill Winners: Apshai Niangti from Meghalaya (1st); Rinku Thakur from Himachal (2nd); Ismanul Howk from Assam (3rd)
MTB Downhill Winners: Apshai Niangti from Meghalaya (1st); Rinku Thakur from Himachal (2nd); Ismanul Howk from Assam (3rd)

Apshai Niangti from Meghalaya was declared the winner with a race time of 1:18.8 (in minutes). Rinku Thakur from Himachal came in second place with a race time of 1:19.4 (in minutes) and Ismanul Howk from Assam in the third place with a race time of 1:23.0 (in minutes). The cash prize for the event is 40,000/- for 1st position and 20,000/- and 10,000/- respectively for 2nd and 3rd position.

Shri Somatai Shaiza, President Ukhrul United FC and former Indian football player, Shri Khoirom Loyalakpa (Media Advisor to Chief Minister of Manipur) and Brigadier Mohit Seth facilitated the prize distribution.

MTB Winner

Five other riders who came in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th position in respective order are- Abhishek Saikia from Assam with a race time of 1:23.3;  Abhishek Thakur from Himachal with a race time of 1:25.6; Yursem A.C from Manipur with a race time of 1:34.3; Kelvin Soibam from Manipur with a race time of 1:42.8; Seyieo Sekhose from Nagaland with a race time of 1:47.9.

Experts from Manipur Extreme Sports and AttitudeX provided technical assistance and as Race Director, Race Marshall, Judge and Time Keeper for our downhill race. With a mix of rugged and plain tracks, the downhill track was a very challenging terrain suitable even for elite riders.

MTB Downhill Track
MTB Downhill Track

With a downpour in the noon, an hour before the scheduled race, the wet track became a challenge and the flag off for the race had to be postponed to an hours delay.

It is worth a mention that the CHIKO Adventure hosted the first ever MTB Downhill Race Trophy in 2017 during the Shirui Lily State Festival 2017. The second edition ultimately got bigger and better where the race attracted a huge audience. The crowd/audience seemed to be intrigued by the nature of the sport where bikers had to brave the tough terrain of steep rocky trails and slippery plains after making their way through the woods. The cheering was astounding and the adrenaline rush seemed apparent not just for the riders but also in the crowd.

The winner, Apshai Niangti, who had participated in MTB Downhill in the past commented that the track had been one of the most challenging ones so far. Rinku Thakur, the 1st runner up also adds on to it saying that this has been the second toughest track he had ridden on given that Himachal has one of the toughest Downhill track that’s been professionally built for elite riders. This calls for a special mention for the CHIKO Adventures for being able to create such a reputation in a short span of time and shows that they are taking the right step in the right direction in putting NE-States on the radar of becoming an international bike park.


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