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Meet Supolepden Kichu, 13 Yrs Old Fashion Illustrator From Nagaland


Thirteen years old Supolepden (Supo) Kichu may have just started his teen, but he ain’t no ordinary kid. A self taught figurative and fashion illustrator whose amazing talent of illustration has got the attention of many people. He was recently featured on Morung Express where he had told them that he started drawing ever since he learn to hold crayons in his hand!


supo kichu's illustrations

Well hold on….. What’s more amazing is that this kid is obsessed with Victoria Secret fashion shows (well we all grow ups are obsessed with it wink!) and we are thinking he is a little too young to be watching Victoria’s Secret fashions shows. But before you jump into any conclusion he watched the show as he gets the inspired by the creativity of the show!  When MorungExpress asked about his obsession over Victoria’s Secret, Kichu mentions that his first impression of the show was quite the contrary. When he was in class 3, he saw the show for the first time and found it ‘the dumbest fashion show ever’ but after watching reruns of the show, he realized that the show was really creative, and slowly developed his interest.

Supo Kichu

His work portfolios is full of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and guess what it all gets sold out in days!

Kichu’s images are mostly done with markers, color pencils, pastels and water colors. Some of his art works, especially his illustrations of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, are digitized and edited for a fresh look through Photoshop. Although he has not undergone any training or classes on art, Kichu says the internet has helped him learn more about illustrations. He is of the view that his generation is fortunate to be born in the age of internet and social media which should be taken advantage for one’s own positive growth.

Supo Kichu

When asked what inspires him the most, Kichu is quick to reply that his family, friends and Victoria’s Secret are what inspire him the most. His parents have been very supportive of his ambition, and his dreams of becoming an illustrator in New York. Kichu tries to balance his interest with his studies and still maintains good grades in school.

Supo Kichu

“My friends ask me what I am going to be. I tell them I am going to New York. I want to be an illustrator in New York City,” says Supo.Way to go lad! Keep the dreams high! May your dreams come true!

Supo is currently studying in Class 7 in Fernwood School and lives with his parents and an elder brother at Upper Agri Colony, Kohima.

To see more of Kichu’s illustrations, and wish him the best please visit his Facebook page Supo Kichu’s Illustrations.


Courtesy:  Morung Express

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