This Naga Guy Is Breaking The Internet With His Funny Mimicries!

Meet Hopong Naga a young talented guy from Nagaland who is making people around him ROTFL with his humorous mimicries!

His mimicry videos are going viral on facebook and whatsapp!!! If you are down with a moody day, here’s Hopong Naga to cheer you up!!!

Check it out! and Don’t forget to follow him!!!

  1. Korean people getting angry (well as seen on the movies we guess!)

2. Love the way you lie – Indian Version

3 . And this Thai Mimicry (From the movie Ong Bak!)

4. Another Thai Mimicry (If you have watched ‘A Lil Thing Called Love’ You will be able to relate)

5. And this one!

Apart from his mimicries talent, the guy is also a talented rapper! Check out his rapping skill!

Don’t forget to follow him on facebook!

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  1. He is more like the saying, “Be a Roman when in Rome”. He did it so well… clap clap
    N his rapping is good…i mean really good.


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