Here’s Why Miss Imsong is Our Favourite Entertainer

Untaught but innate. Miss Imsong in the world of humour and laughter.

From mimicking to oscillating between being a hyper-active adolescent and a grumpy octogenarian, this mind-boggling comedienne has it all. Merenla Imsong a.k.a. Miss Imsong, as she is known in the cyber world, is an adept in mimicking. Her videos are hilarious, random and honest-to-goodness- types of accent, fake Naga-American , mimicking Mumbai’s internasaanal sales wala and a whole lot of entertainment.


Her uproarious entertainment videos started off as a joke and eventually she unmask herself into the limelight. She decided to make these videos into her own little art project which markedly portrays her vivacious personality. In contrast to her comic character, she used to love maths and dreamt of becoming a Scientist.



In a chat, Miss Imsong tells us about how she plunge herself into the world of mimicking.

  1. Enlighten us on how you became interested in what you are doing.

I have always loved mimicking people, dogs, trees- anything that roused my curiosity. All my friends know me as a complete lunatic so when my cousin and I put up the first video as a joke, my friends were not surprised at all. How did I become interested? I have no answer for that. It was always innate.

2. Which one is your publicity lifeline- YouTube or Facebook Page?

I don’t have a YouTube channel. Its just a Facebook page that somehow grew organically and I like that. There was no sponsored ad, no forcing people to like or anything. Those who wanted to like the page, liked it.

3. Who is your inspiration?

Can I be cheesy and say Meryl Streep? Because Meryl is Meryl and you cannot help but agree what a remarkable performer that woman is.

4. Your favourite YouTube Personalities/Channels.

There are quite a few people on YouTube and YouTube channels i love checking out- Barackdubs, Pretentious Movie Reviews, Ylvis and Trevor Noah to name a few. There are a lot of people posting stuff on YouTube many of which are hilarious with amazing content.

5. Miss Imsong in future.

In future i hope i am a better version of myself. I hope i would have met many more interesting people and learned as much as i could from them. I hope I will have more interesting stories to tell then. You know how Apple keeps upgrading their products? I hope I am Imsong 7s by then. Same person, but upgraded.

6. Your thoughts to the upcoming youngsters.

Never pass off the opportunity to learn something new. No one told me this when i was eighteen so I am telling you this now so you won’t be saying the same thing when you are my age.

Miss Imsong as a person is warm and amiable. She is light-hearted and lively. She makes silly yet amusing jokes. She dreams of living in a tree house one day.

You can follow her on Facebook


And check out more of her videos below!


And she has acted in SBI ads too!

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