Mizoram: Broom Sticks Worth Rs 42 Lakh Sold in FY 2015-16

Broom sticks harvested in Mizoram were not only sold in the neighbouring states , but also exported to foreign countries. The state Forest Department in a release informed that broom sticks worth Rs 42 Lakhs was sold in the year 2015-16.

Forest Department officials said that 15564 Quintals of Broom sticks amounting to Rs 34,61,320 was sold in legal trade whereas 1,338 quintals illegal broom sticks confiscated by the department was sold for an amount of Rs 8,08,150 generating revenue of Rs 42,69,470 in the year 2015-16.

Hnam Chhantu, an organization which purchases broom stick from the growers said that the purchase system maintained by the organization provides suitable market to the growers as it checks and balances any manipulation by outsiders.

Courtesy: NorthEastToday

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