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Where Have All The Beautiful Naga Girls Gone?


I have always had this personal view and I used to argue with my Kuki friends that Naga women are prettier than the Kuki women. I remember proudly debating about it. But in this last two years, I have been made to rethink my statement.

Why? Because for the last two consecutive years, the title ‘Miss Nagaland’ have been bagged from the Kuki community. 

As you can imagine, my friend is now taking the best advantage out of this situation and is after my back mocking the life out of me.  So this made me ask myself Where in the world are all the beautiful Naga girls?

miss nagaland

Well, before you jump into a conclusion calling me a racist or what not,  duly note that this post is not to assassinate the achievements of these two beautiful Kuki damsels who have been crowned Miss Nagaland 2014,2015. Rather this will be a complement to their great achievements.

Here’s the thing.  As per 2011 census,  the  population of Nagaland stands at 19.78 lakhs out of which an estimated 9.5 lakhs are women. 

nagaland population

Now, let me further break down the statistic and concentrate on the women population. Out of this 9.5 lakhs, women in the age groups of 18-25 which are eligible for the Miss Nagaland contest constitute 17% at 1,64,581

So this leaves us to 1,64,581 eligible women for Miss Nagaland.  As per the 2011 census, there were 9,326 kuki women in Nagaland.

nagaland miss


Now assuming 17% of this population are in the age group of 18-25, the total number of eligible Kuki women for Miss Nagaland will be 1,585 out of the total 1,64,581 eligible women from Nagaland. That is just 1% of the total eligible women from Nagaland.

The probability therefore of Kuki winning the Miss Title is just a mere 0.0096%!!! Kudos Singson and Hangsing, you girls just nailed it!!!

the rock clapping gif

Well, that’s the statistical part,  but it still doesn’t answer my question ‘where have all the beautiful naga girls gone’. 

So, where are all the beautiful naga girls on Instagram and Facebook with thousands of followers?  Where are those beautiful selfie girls whose picture post gets an unfaltering 1000+ likes within a day?

In earlier days, girls used cosmetics to beautify themselves,  now we have photoshops and app filters. Do that mean all the beautiful girls I saw on Fb/Instagram were appyfying their beauty?  That they cannot face such prestigious contest?

beautiful naga girls

If that is the case then I’ll have to hang my head in shame and consider it a betrayal. I may even end up deactivating my Instagram account while I silently wait in the corner for our Naga damsels to come out of the closet and bring the title home!

Even so, this still doesn’t answer my question and the question in the minds of many guys like me.  Now, allow me to ask the question again in Arnab’s signature style to conclude this post:


‘So tonight,  the nation wants to know,  the Naga guys want to know,  where on Earth are all the beautiful Naga girls?’.

If you have an answer,  you may leave in the comments below!

         PS: This post is solely a personal reflection andnot meant to offend anyone or any community!

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They all changed their name to “Chole” where “C” n “L” are silent.


I think the proper question should be “Where are all the smart Naga girls?” rather than “beautiful” because we all know beauty alone doesn’t decide the fate of the contestants.


I guess beauty pageants aren’t as appealing a platform for the new generation smart Naga girls, they are too busy absorbing everything that the online world has to offer ?

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Corporate created illusions are no longer attractive to the wise naga parents and naga gurls of today. Paegents hardly make an impact in the developed nations, much unlike Colombia, Venezuela, etc. Thank God.


Firstly, the QUESTION is an “ism” in-sighted question. To such, my answer is, Nagaland has very little space for “ism”. Every Aboriginal Indigenous tribe is considered a Naga tribe (rf. 16 recognized tribes of Nagaland).

Secondly, The coveted crown of Miss Nagaland was not crowned to only Singson (2014) & Hangsing (2015). It was won by Vavah Haokip in 2008 & Neneng Hangsing in 2010 too.

Lastly, this proves that the organizers or the judges (not forgetting the people of Nagaland) are fair without “ism” in their mind. They are fair in their duty.

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

10/10 for bringing out the Democratic aspects.


i hope to see naga princess with their crown in 2017

Jong Sük

Not every beautiful and smart girls are interested in these pageants. We have better things to do.

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