Ukhrul consumes Rs 10 lakh worth red meat daily. That’s a whooping 3 Crores per month!

By M Zimik

The meat consumption rate of the Tangkhul community inhabited Ukhrul town, about 84 km north of Manipur’s state capital, having a population of about 50,000 residing across 27 localities and belonging to about 7000 households, is slowly increasing, as per reports available in the hill town.

The population concentrates within a rough radius of about 5km square km of the hill station wherein 18 red meat or butcher centres and soft bone meat(chicken) centres runs brisk meat business throughout the year. Every one knows that pork and beef occupies an important place in the diet of the population of Ukhrul especially among the Tangkhuls.

ukhrul meat shops

With the sudden rise in the red meat consumption in the district headquarters, the entire population of the hill town roughly consumes about Rs 6.5 lakhs worth pork (2,500-3000 kgs), Rs 3.5lakh worth beef (1800kg),Rs 1.5 lakh worth fishes(800kg) daily, according to local reports.

In short it is estimated that the hill town roughly spent about Rs 10 lakh on meat (about 100gm meat per day per person) on a daily basis. But due to absence of a slaughter house in the state or mini slaughter house in district, it failed to check and monitor the basic health of the animals and their respective meats prior to the usual selling and buying process of the products in the market meat stalls.


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