Meghalaya’s militant group GNLA issues dead threat to government officials. Offers Rs 20 lakh to whoever kills any of the officials.

SHILLONG: In what can be termed as a direct retaliation to Meghalaya Police’s announcement of Rs 10 lakh for capture of certain militants, the GNLA has issued a death threat against the Deputy Commissioner, the Chief Judicial Magistrates, the SPs, the ASPs and the DSPs working in Garo Hills.

In a statement issued to TNT-The Northeast Today, Sohan D Shira, the Commander-in-Chief of the Garo National Liberation Army has asked assassins to leave details in the inbox of the Facebook account and has promised a cash reward of Rs 20 lakh to whoever kills any of the officials.

It may be added here that this is the first time that GNLA has given direct threat to the district and judicial officials working in Garo Hills.


A day after the State Police announced a reward of Rs.10 lakh for anyone providing information on the ten most-wanted militants operating in the State, the GNLA went a step further and announced a cash award of Rs.15 lakh for any person providing information to the outfit on police personnel.

The GNLA also provided phone numbers for people who wished to share any information about the police.

“Whosoever dares to do so as directed by the Government, out of greed, his/hers fate will be the same like that of late Josbina Sangma of Chokpot, who dared to be a police informer leading to the arrest and killing of our people,” GNLA commander-in-chief Sohan D Shira stated.

Shira also added that the Government to utilize the money announced for hunting down the militants in a better way by developing the village conditions for the benefit of one and all.


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