When ‘August Rush’ Is Brought To Life By This Old Man From NE India

“I am playing, please listen to the sound of my guitar. If anyone wants to hear, I request you all to listen to my song”

Music is universal. You do not have to be rich to learn music.  You do not have to be famous to be a musician.

And this old man right here is the proof to that. With an undying passion, a super sonic talent, we are so glad we stumbled upon him at Another White Space.

 This is Shimreisa, a farmer from Hundung Village, Manipur, in the far-flung Northeast India. A self taught musician, an innovator and an inspiration to all around him. As music is to everyone- an escape from reality, it too gives him an escape from harsh reality.

Shimreisa acquired his love for music from his childhood days and so did his love for the guitar. In time, he innovated his own sound and style with a a simple glass bottle! With this genius of a music, he has played for local functions, and mostly for his intimate family gatherings. Their love for his music has led to some of his well wisher to gift him a new guitar or offer their assistance to some repair  his old ones.

He may definitely not be famous as Reuben Mashangva, nor as renowned as Lou Majaw. But in the hearts of his localities and his family, he is a true Bob Dylan. Even musicians who loved his music have tried to learn his technique, but failed most times.

Shimreisa was a good singer before a tragic hunting accident rendered him physically exhausted and weak. His fate may have stopped him from spreading his talents in front of thousands of crowd, but that hasn’t stopped him from keeping his music alive.

You and me right here, we can change his fate! We can let his music be heard a thousand fold more, more than he ever imagined he could.

Share it, and spread the word. Let’s make his dream a reality.

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