The Story Of Faith in Action’s Journey To Win The World Champions Title Will Restore Your Faith In Prayers!

Faith In Action (FIA) emerged as the world champions in the “Team Aerobic Competition” at the World Taekwon-do Hanmadang 2014 from August 21-24 at Pohang City, South Korea.  FIA was the only squad that won medals for India– 1 gold in team event (Team Aerobic Competition), 1 individual gold (Long Kick), 1 silver medal (Long Kick) and 10 bronze medals.

Faith in Action

The 20-member squad of team Faith In Action was among the 38 participants who represented India under the banner of Taekwondo Board of India. Altogether around 4000 participants from 147 countries took part in the competition.

It may be mentioned that Faith In Action team has also won various national and regional competitions. They were also among the semi-finalists in the India’s Got Talent 2011.


But their journey to South Korea and winning the title was not that smooth. When they were all set to take part in the event, there was no one to fund them for the trip. The Nagaland State Government who spent crores of rupees to send Ministers to Brazil to witness the World cup and promote sports in Nagaland were nowhere to be found when they needed them the most. 

Faith in Action in Korea wearing Naga Costume

With no hope in the government, the Faith in Action members collected money from among themselves and with the support and donations from some well wishers they set forth for the event. But that was not the end of their worries. Because of the Visa problem they missed the flight to Korea. That’s when the faith of the ‘Faith In Action’ group were tested and that’s when the power of prayer was revealed to them. 

Some Faith members got on their knees and started praying and some even started shedding tears. And that’s when the miracle happened!


This is their story in their own words:

An angel sent from above Mr. Baliram Sharma

” a story yet untold for Faith in Action remarkable achievement ” to that good Samaritan with his daughter from Himachal Pradesh.. Because of our visa problem we missed our flight..We were sad and confused not knowing what to do,who to hope for because we had no money to buy our tickets for Korea again..Despite collecting 15000 each from all the Faith members which was meant to be pocket money from their parents we were short of

Mr. Baliram Sharma
In the pic Mr. Baliram Sharma

many..Some Faith members kneeled down and started praying and some could see tears rolling down from their cheek.. At 11:30 pm a Gentelman, Mr. Baliram Sharma in his early 60-70,s accompanied by his 13-14 year old daughter asked us whats wrong ? we shared our problem to him, he said,”dont worry i’l help you and you guys are going to the championship and you will win”..he also said he loves North-east nagaland,finally he smiled at us, gave his number and asked us to call him tomorrow and left quietly. We were shocked at the moment and didnt take his words seriously.. Slept outside the airport- received a call in the morning from the agent that he found a route to korea that will cost us low budget 42k(to and fro)than the existing 70k to n fro for one person.. We were happy but short of 2.70 lakhs.. We finally decided to give a call to the old man after all hopes were gone. We were asked to come to ICICI Bank and there he was waiting for us.. He brought 2.50lakhs coincidently what we needed though short of 20k.. He went to the atm and gave 20k when we told him our problem.. He said, pay me when you people can, wrote down his account number on a chit of paper and left.. This small story maybe stupid for some of us but indeed it was a Big lesson for the Faith members and above all Having Faith in God.. A miracle that will haunt all the Faith members. And so sorry to some of the Faith Members who had to go back home… Well sir, this is for you wherever you are.. Even if you are not in Facebook, i pray these small message travels to you..God bless you”

About FIA: Faith in Action is a Non profitable, voluntary Martial Art Organization brilliantly choreographed to the accompaniment of music that blends evangelization to fight social problems.

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And to Mr Baliram Sharma,  We Want To Thank You for your help!!! (We did try to locate you but in vain. If you ever come across this article, please let us know)!

Please share the post, let it reach Mr Baliram Sharma

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