From Storeroom Jams to Record Studio in New York, Here’s Dossers Urge from Shillong

This story of a Punk Rock band from Shillong will be an inspiration to many of the young and thriving musicians from the North East region.

Just think of this scenario (struggling musicians with full of dreams and energy)-

You jam in your storeroom and garage every weekend. You try to land gigs in each and every student union gatherings in the city (sometimes without getting paid and sometimes self invited!). You form a little fan base, release some new singles and EP, send out materials to publications and artist agencies, enter music competitions as much as possible (but mostly in vain).

And then one fine day, when you think all is lost, you win a competition and you are on the way to United States to record your album! How cool is that?

Doesn’t it sound like a script right out of a Hollywood movie?  Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? If all this happened to you and your band, wouldn’t you be on Cloud 9?

Well hold your breath, that’s exactly what’s happening to a Rock Band from Shillong – Dossers Urge.

Dossers Urge Shillong
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So who are these new kids on the block?

For those who haven’t heard of them, Dossers Urge is a three piece all brothers band from Shillong formed in 2011. The band comprises of David guitar/vocal, Romeo bass/vocal & Gideon drums/vocal. The band was initially founded by the two elder brothers David & Gideon and was joined by their youngest brother Romeo.

The brothers have been jamming ever since they got introduced to Green Day & Blink182 by a friend. Apart from these bands they get their inspirations from Led Zeppelin & Black Sabbath.

Like any bands from NE, they ended up playing Shows in every Tribal Students (Different tribes within North East India) Fresher’s meet in Shillong. By now, they have played numerous shows across North-east India, sending good vibes and expanding their fan base.

They have even performed at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender and the Ziro Festival!

Dossers Urge Shillong
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The Name – Dossers Urge

When it comes to their band’s name Dossers Urge, this is what David has to say: “Coming from a military family our upbringing was strict, having to wake up early every morning, something that we absolutely loathed. We just wanted to chill, stay up late and wake up late, hence the name Dosser’s Urge as the word ‘Dosser’ refers to a lazy person“.

David Kom claims ‘Dossers Urge’ could be the world’s most senseless name, but the band has ‘Foo Fighters‘ to compete with, for that recognition.

(Take a break watch this music video)

Their Road to New York:

It was at the Hornbill Festival in Nagaland that they first saw The F16’s and really dug their sound. They kept following the band on social media ever since and heard about The F16’s whole Converse Rubber Tracks experience (video). Road to Converse Rubber Tracks in India hosted an event in-search of one virtuous band to make it to Brooklyn studio.

When they heard of Season II happening, they applied for the Guwahati Regional Round and were eventually declared the winners of the Guwahati regional round. The event was held at different cities of the country- Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and Guwahati.

With 375 bands participating for the regional rounds, the 2016 edition received 75% more registrations compared to the last edition. Converse’s intention to encourage and provide a platform for raw talent, irrespective of the genre, continues with the second edition and the line-up for the finalists proves the same.

Dossers Urge

On 1st April, five bands from the country’s 5 most musically inclined cities competed against each other for an opportunity to record at the Converse Rubber Tracks studio in New York. Dosser Urge emerged as the winner of the competition.

And now, Dosser Urge is all set to travel to Brooklyn, New York to record their songs at Converse studio, all in the expenses of Converse Rubber Tracks.

We are proud of you guys and wish you the best!

For more updates follow the band on their facebook page (and make sure you hit the Like button)


And watch their music videos from their Youtube Channel and stream music from their Soundcloud page!



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