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In Pictures – Asa Kazingmei at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016


Here’s Asa Kazingmei showcasing his latest collection at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016 on 3rd of April!. Themed as “REPNOTIC”, the latest collection is nothing short of the glory. This time round, he has drawn his inspiration from little things that adds to the grandeur of an image, from fragments that are often ignored by us. In satin, lace, net, crystal and golden leather, watch out for surreal designs of long floating and textures silhouette.

Here’s what Asa Kazingmei has to say about his theme : REPNOTIC

My collection is inspired by mother nature.
Her creatures exist in harmony and balance,

I was drawn specially to the Iguana, becouse of his behaviour and aestheically.

Every perception has a magic. We only need to see it one more time, till the time it reveals its full grandeur. In my daily journeys, I do my best to observe not only the larger forms that dominate the landscape, but also the smaller fragments. I try to look beyond the obvious, to see the overlooked and forgotten and to become intimate with them. I resist the temptation to ignore things that are not easily identifiable. In this presentation, I invite you to close you outer eyes which sees only to react and open your inner eyes wherein lies real shades and true shades of perception. So here I present my perception and shade of emotion in the form of long floating and textures silhouettes. Using net, lace, satin, crystal and touch of golden leather which is integral part of me.


Pic source: Lakme Fashion Week facebook page.

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