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The Sacred Message That Youthnet 'HAPPY NAGALAND' Video Conveys!

YouthNet Nagaland recently released the ‘HAPPY NAGALAND’ video. The Happy Video conveys one important message to the Naga people!

If you have watched the video, you will notice that Placards with messages related to job & employment appeared more than 10 times in the video!!!

1. These girls are happy because they are Employed!


 2. She loves her job and is Happy


3 She’s a proud daughter!


4. He got a job too!


5. It’s not just about the BIG job that matters!


6. She is happy with her job too!


7. And so are they


8. He is a Doctor (Mechanical Doctor, we suppose) and he is happy with his job!


9. They do their work and they are HAPPY!


10. And here’s the final message!!!


To come to a conclusion that only those people who are employed are happy will be wrong, and we believe that they are not trying to convey such message through this video. For if so, more than 63, 733 educated unemployed youths in Nagaland   are never be happy!!!

The core message of this video is DIGNITY OF WORK. Whether its a small job or a big job, love your job! Do your job honestly and give service to the people, And you surely will be HAPPY!!!