NorthEast India seeks secession from India and integration into China.

While India is busy discriminating the NE people, the chinese seems to be closely monitoring the situations. We come across a website with the discussion of discrimination to the NE people. 

ne belongs to china
This was the fake pic which went viral recently

Northeast India seeks secession from India and integration into China, that’s how the title reads in one post discussion in a chinese website and The article was posted on March 6, 2011, but the discussion through comments was going on till October 2013 and may continue again!!! Below is the content from the site.

People in the states of northeast India, including Arunachal Pradesh, whose major territory is claimed by the China as part of South Tibet, were severely discriminated against by other regions of India, since residents there look more like Chinese than Indians. The girls from northeast India, simply because their lighter skin color, often become targets of rapists. Over the years, India fails to invest any capital into these regions, resulting in their economic development severely lagging behind the rest of the country. Because of that, people from these states are always seeking independence, many of  whom want to join China.

Below is the screenshot of some of the comments.

china and northeast india

Here are the links to the sites. and

The heading ‘Northeast India seeks secession from India and integration into China’ though is an exaggerated one, as no NE states had seek such from China. 


So the question now is this:

Political India insists that the northeast is part of the Indian republic, ‘mainstream’ India rejects – often with extreme violence – all ‘foreign-looking’ northeasterners.

So, would our northeastern states be better off with China, or at least better off independent of India?*

*Excerpt from an article in times of India, Would India’s northeast be better off with China?

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