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The next time you see a 'Made in Nagaland' electronic device, don't be surprised. For here comes NIWU!

The next time you see a ‘Made in Nagaland’ electronic device, don’t be surprised. Here’s NIWU, a Dimapur based electronic manufacturing company.


NIWU is a start up Naga electronics manufacturing company based in Dimapur, Nagaland. Branded as Nagaland’s first electronic manufacturing company, the company has just launched their first product USB flash drive.  It’s a fancy Jewellery decorated USB drives with a capacity of 8 GB and priced at Rs 750 & Rs 850.


They are also looking for retail partners in different towns of Nagaland. You can buy the device at their retail outlet mentioned in the picture (in Dimapur) or contact them through mail.