These pictures of dead birds taken at Imphal-Uhkrul road will tell you the negative impacts of pesticides on our fauna disturbing the ecosystem


While many of us are voicing against killing of animals and birds by the hunters, there lies a greater threat, both to the animals and human, and it comes in the form of chemicals!


Pesticides and insecticides used by farmer are killing the birds and animals after the birds feed on it. You can now imagine how harmful these pesticides and insecticides can be to human body.


A concerned citizen has shared pictures of dead birds poisoned by pesticides and insecticides on the Imphal to Ukhrul road.

bird 1

As per their information hundreds and thousands of birds are dying after feeding on insecticides and pesticides used by farmers in that area.

bird3What should we do? What are the other alternatives? How do we prevent such thing?

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