This is probably one of the best Music Video from the North East Region

The Vinyl Records debut music video  ‘Ready Set Go’ powered by RedBull is now streaming on Youtube! Their music video is probably one of the best from the North East!

About the Video~

Crew- Vinith Bora (Director),Stefan Kaye (Assistant Director) Karan (Dop) ,Nikhil (B-cam),Analiya (Makeup and hair),Akumla (ProductonManager) Bijoy Sarkar (Equipments) and Paul (Audio Production).

The Cast -Karan,Khalid,Aquib,Yla,Karthik,Prabhleen,Boby,Bater,Ruhail,Jigmet,Lokes,Nikolai,Pupps Roy and Oliver

The music video is powered by RedBull!

We would love to see more of such Awesome Music Videos!!!

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