Here's the reason why you should visit Mokokchung during World Cup, better still if its on final day

World Cup fever is going crazy in Mokokchung!

Yes, we understand North Easterners are all crazy about football, but how people of Mokokchung are celebrating World Cup is just INSANE!  It’s like Mokokchung itself is hosting the World Cup!

Here are some of the pics we grabbed from ‘I Love Mokokchung’ facebook group to let you guys know that we are not kidding around when we say you should visit Mokokchung during World Cup


Well we are just hoping that one of his supporting countries will win! Hopefully!


2. We just love this one!!! Simply the best!



3. And the streets are filled with flags too!


4. Fans are seen marching down the road!!!

PS: We are just wandering if these two guys on the bike will be riding together the day Argentina and Germany are up against one another!



And the best part being on the Final Day when all the football enthusiasts usually watches the final match at the police point on a BIG Screen. Deeply Tempting us to visit Mokokchung!!!

Photo Courtesy: I Love Mokokchung facebook group

If you think your town can beat Mokokchung, mail us your photos at or mail us at

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