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61 women killed and 40 raped in Manipur in 2014


IMPHAL, Nov 11: Altogether 61 women have been murdered and 40 raped till November 10 this year, according to data compiled by the United NGOs Mission Manipur (UNMM).

Speaking to media persons at Manipur Press Club here today, UNMM women committee convenor Sobita Mangshatabam said that 61 women have been murdered and 40 raped in the State in the past 11 months and 10 days.

Of the 61 women killed, 24 were murdered in the most ghastly manner. Out of them, four were below 10 years and they were murdered after being raped. One 18 year old girl was also murdered after being raped.

16 women including 13 housewives were found dead under controversial circumstances. Of the 13 housewives, four were pregnant. 16 other women died by allegedly committing suicide. Two women were killed in bomb blasts. Three other women died during or after child delivery.

Sobita pointed out that procreation is impossible without women. Of the 61 women who have died or have been murdered this year, reproductive system of 57 were active.

Of the 40 women raped this year, 26 were below 18 years of age and 13 below 10 years.

Even as rape and killing of civilians by security forces have come down considerably in the State, rape and killing of civilians by civilians have been rising at an alarming rate.

Till November 10 this year, there are reports of 287 cases of violence against women including rape and murder. These figures are based on what were reported in the newspapers. 

Source: http://www.thesangaiexpress.com/page/items/45134/61-women-killed-40-raped-this-year-unmm

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