23 Reasons Why You Should Eat Yongchaak!

Parkia speciosa is really a variety of the genus parkia in the family fabaceae which has numerous names, amongst others, petai, peteh, bean bitter, turned cluster bean, stink bean, sator, sataw, yongchaak, as well as zawngah

Health benefits of Petai (Yongchaak)

Yongchaak fruit not just offer power, but in addition capable to avoid as well as defeat numerous health problems and conditions. In comparison with apples, Yongchaak has got protein Four times more, carbohydrates over double the amount, 3 times the phosphorus, 5 times the vitamin A and also iron, and two times as many vitamins along with other minerals.

apple and petai comparrision

A number of the health improvements are highlighted below and for these reasons one should eat Yongchaak!!!

1. Depression

In accordance with a current study carried out by MIND amongst individuals struggling with depressive disorders, numerous felt far better after consuming petai. It is because petai include tryptophan, a kind of protein which the body changes into serotonin, recognized to cause you to relax, enhance your mood and usually cause you to feel more comfortable.

2. PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Ignore the pills – consume petai. The vitamin B6 it includes manages blood sugar levels, which could impact your mood.

3. Anemia

Loaded with iron, petai can easily encourage the creation of hemoglobin within the blood and thus assists in cases of anemia.

4. Blood Pressure

This excellent exotic bean is incredibly loaded with potassium but lower in salt, which makes it ideal to conquer blood pressure level. So much in fact, the US Food and Drug Administration have recently permitted the petai industry to create official claims for the fruit’s capability to prevent blood pressure level and also heart stroke.

5. Brain Power

Research has revealed that the potassium-packed fruit might help learning by causing students much more alert as well as increase memory.

6. Constipation

Loaded with fiber, which includes petai within the diet might help recover normal bowel action, assisting to conquer the issue without making use of laxatives.

7. Hangovers

One of many fastest methods for treating a hangover is usually to create a petai milkshake, sweetened along with honey. The petai calms the stomach as well as, with the aid of the honey, accumulates exhausted blood sugar levels, whilst the milk calms as well as re-hydrates your whole body.


8. Heartburn

Petai features a all-natural antacid effect within the body, so when you have problems with heartburn, try to consume petai for calming relief.

9. Morning Sickness

Eating petai in between meals keeps blood glucose levels up and prevent morning sickness in females.

10. Mosquito bites

Just before reaching for the insect bite cream, try out massaging the affected region using the interior of the petai skin. Many individuals think it is surprisingly effective at decreasing swelling as well as discomfort.

11. Nerves

Petai has elevated levels of B vitamins which help relaxed the central nervous system.

12. Overweight

Studies in the Institute of Psychology in Austria discovered pressure at the job results in gorging on comfort food just like chocolate and crisps. Checking out 5,000 hospital people, scientists discovered the most overweight were more prone to be in high-pressure jobs. The report determined that, to prevent panic-induced craving for food, we have to manage our blood glucose levels by eating high carbohydrate foods each 2 hours to maintain levels constant.

13. Ulcers

Petai is utilized as the dietary food towards intestinal disorders due to the soft texture as well as smoothness. It’s the only raw fruit that may be consumed without distress in long-term cases. Additionally, it neutralizes level of acidity and decreases irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

14. Temperature control

A number of other cultures observe petai like a “cooling” bean that may reduce both emotional and physical temperature of pregnant women. In Holland, as an example, expectant women consume petai to make sure their baby is born having a cool temperature.

petai benefits


15. Smoking

Petai may also help individuals attempting to quit smoking. The B6, B12 they include, along with the potassium and magnesium present in them, assist the body get over the end results of nicotine withdrawal.

16. Stress

Potassium is an important mineral, which will help stabilize the heart beat, sends oxygen towards the brain and also manages the human body’s water balance. When we’re anxious, our metabolic rate increases, therefore decreasing our potassium levels. These may be rebalanced with the aid of a high-potassium petai snack.

17. Strokes

According to research through the New England Journal of Medicine discovered that every day practice of consuming petai capable to prevent death from strokes by 40 %.

18. Warts

All those interested in all-natural alternatives swear that when you need to destroy a wart, have a little bit of petai and put it on the wart. Very carefully support the petai in position using a plaster or even surgical tape!

19. Healthy eyes and improve concentration

Petai include vitamin A quite higher at 200 IU per 100 mg. As is recognized, vitamin A very theraputic for sustaining healthy corneas. Potassium within the banana can also improve concentration and also the ability of the brain so great to help those who have trouble to learn.

20. Improving digestion

Fiber is additionally found in numerous petai. Fiber or even fibers handy help digestion of food. For anybody who frequently has digestive problems just like constipation, consuming petai may help reduce your suffering. Petai in addition have a natural antacid effect within the body. If you feel nausea and fullness from consuming too much, petai can help to eliminate the pain sensation.

21. Acidity

This particular fruit can reduce the effects of acidity and also decreases irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

22. Hangovers

Petai is combined with honey and milk, this particular milkshakes made is considered to help to ease hangover gone through by an individual due to this herb can easily enhance blood glucose levels whilst the milk is wonderful for calming as well as re-fix the fluid level within the body.

23. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

(a chaotic emotional illness). In case you evaluate it along with apples, Parkia speciosa has got Four times much more protein, two times the carbohydrate, 3 times the phosphorus, 5 times the vitamin A as well as iron, and two times the other minerals and vitamins. Parkia speciosa is additionally abundant with potassium. Therefore like when the Parkia speciosa nicknamed “A Parkia speciosa per day keeps the doctor away”.

benefits of yongchaak


If ingested too much, petai can harm the kidneys and also the substance will harm the kidney filter. This is due to the high content of amino acids within Petai. Before you decide to cook the petai, ensure that you divide the bean into two using a paring knife since there are vulnerable to worms burrowing their way into the heart of the petai as you have seen through the photos above. In the cupful, most likely get about 6 petais along with worms inside. It’s a pain however it sure beats biting in a worm.

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