10 jokes on Arnab Goswami that will make you ROTFL! Move over Alia Bhatt jokes it’s Arnab Goswami series!

After Rajanikanth & Alia Bhatt, its Arnab Goswami series:


1. After creating this complex world, GOD was worried, who will decide what is RIGHT and what is WRONG ?

So he created ARNAB GOSWAMI.

arnab goswami troll

2. Arnab Goswami might probably be the only guy in this world to fight with his wife & win!


3. If we could place a mini turbine inside Arnab Goswami’s throat, the resultant electricity can power all the Times group building.

4.Arnab Goswami is inversly proportional to Manmohan Singh.

5. If you find Arnab Goswami’s pic with his mouth closed, then that camera has a very good shutter speed.

6. Arnab Goswami is fluent in English & weak in grammer  becoz he does not use full stop or comma.

7. From the moon you can see the great wall of china and hear Arnab Goswami shouting “The nation wants to know”

8. Proposed airport near Times Now studio cancelled as noise from newshour could weaken the structure and intercept signals!

9. When Arnab Goswami says “I will speak now” , everyone looks puzzled , wondering who was speaking till now!

10. Whats the similarity between Arnab Goswami & google?
Both interrupt you before you complete the sentence.


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