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Marina Kiho Crowned Miss Nagaland 2017


Marina Kiho from Dimapur, who aspired to be a successful woman was crowned Miss Nagaland 2017 on December 8 at RCEMPA Jotsoma alongside Ruopfüzhano Whiso from Kohima as the first runners up and Peweü Tunyi from Phek as the second runners up.

If there was no rule in your life for one day and you had the chance to be outrageous what would you do? “If there was no rule in my life for one day, I will eat everything that I get,” answered Miss Nagaland Marina Kiho in the first round of questions.

In the finalists round, the question posed to Kiho on what role can she play to bring change to Naga society if she was crowned Miss Nagaland and declared the State Election Icon, Kiho answered, “As State Election Icon, I will educate the people that we should not vote for bribery but we should stand for the right candidate we should educate the people on how valuable one vote is to bring change in our society.”

Miss Nagaland 2017

Ruopfüzhano Whiso from Kohima, a favorite among the audience was crowned the first runners up. Naturally graceful with a humble confidence, Whiso had given an apt answer in the first round where she was asked, “What are the issues you feel strongly about in Nagaland and what can you do about it?”

Whiso had answered, “The issues that I feel strongly about is that we forget about the moral ethics that was followed by our forefathers. We forget to be honest we forget to love. We forget to think that what we do will have an impact on the future and that’s we have issues like corruption. We need to honor what our forefathers have taught us before.”

In the finalist’s round, Whiso was asked to give her opinion on the major global campaign #MeToo to highlight of sexual harassment. Fully supporting the #MeToo campaign Whiso said, “Everyone who has been through sexual abuse would know how terrifying, and how it is a memory that cannot be forgotten. It is a scar. And to confront such memories takes courage and women all over the world are confronting such dark memories to inspire other people.”

Whiso aspired to become a professor while Peweü Tunyi, who also won the Queen of hearts wanted to be a social worker. Among the 12 contestants, seven contestants were selected as the finalists namely Contestant 2 Moile Longkongly from Longleng, Contestant 5 Kepenshi from Kiphire, Contestant 3 Ruopfüzhano Whiso from Kohima, Contestant 8 Peweü Tunyi from Phek, Contestant 6 Kimiyetoly Swu from Dimapur, Contestant 12 Marina Kiho from Dimapur, Contestant 1 Pelevinuo Rüpreo.

Other title winners

Miss Photogenic – Sanglitola Chang from Tuensang
Miss Perfect 10- Pelevinuo Rüpreo from Kohima
Miss Talent – Sanglitola Chang from Tuensang
Queen of Hearts- Peweü Tunyi from Phek
Miss Empower 2017- Ruopfüzhano Whiso from Kohima
BBlunt Beautiful Hair- Marina Kiho from Dimapur

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