This December 3, Nagaland will be ‘Living Next Door To Smokie’

British country greats Smokie will be performing live on December 3 as part of Hornbill Music Festival 2014 at the Indira Gandhi Stadium. The show which is scheduled to begin by 5 p.m. will be opened by K3M and Highland Oracle.

This was announced by Nagaland Outdoors Club & Sky Entertainment-organzier of the Hornbill International Rock Contest 2014.

smokie in nagaland

Profile of opening bands:

K3M is a three-piece metal band from Nagaland formed in the year 2008 by vocal and bassist Thungbemo R Murry  and his brother guitarist Vungshamo (“Moonshine”). They were then joined by drummer Jann Mozhui. Since their inception, the band has won numerous music titles in the district as well as state level competitions including the NSACS competitions. Besides, the band has performed with international artist Jenniffer Batten (ex Michael Jackson) and Chanderesh Kudwa (Mumbai, India). They have also opened for Petra’s John Schlitt. 

Highland Oracle, an upcoming band that has push more than just a few performances in the rock music scene in the state. Highland Oracle is Alem on the drums, Nokrang on the guitars, Along on the bass, Imli Walling on guitars and vocals and Wati Jamir on the vocals. 

Courtesy: Nagalant Post


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