Hardwork Always Pays Off: The Inspiring Story of How A Designer Launched Her Label

When I think about designers, I remember my little ‘Barbies‘ wearing ruggedly hand-stitched clothes that are supposedly my design. I also remember painting their non-existent toes and smudging their lips with sketch pens.

I imagine a lot of you (men & women) must’ve been the most acclaimed designers or your own Barbies too! (smirks) While some of us moved on from this fairytale daydream and opted for other career, more passionate ones bulldozed through barriers and made their fairytale daydream come true!

Ziony Shongvah

Today, I bring to you the story of one such passionate designer who made a career out of her childhood passion. I am talking about Ziony Shongvah Thangsha, an emerging self-taught fashion designer who is already carving a name for herself in the industry!

Ziony’s passion for designing was instilled in her since childhood as she grew up learning how to sew clothes with her mother’s sewing machine. She would often day dream about becoming a famous fashion designer.


She never gave up on her dream.

It was in 2012 that Ziony decided it was time to give wings to her dreams, and she launched her own clothing label ‘ZIONY’.

What is impressive that this 29-year-old designer started out fashion designing without any formal education in it. It is solely her dedication and hard work that paid off and led her to where she is now.

And what’s more impressive is the fact that within a short span of only three years, she has made herself a name in the fashion industry, well at least in South India.

10308104_531248883650281_3339473880823614838_nHer designs have been flaunted by famous South Indian Celebrities like Krishna Priya and Neha Saxena. Her works are frequently showcased in fashion shows and other fashion events that take place in Bangalore.

Apart from that, she has also worked with renowned photographers like Apratim Buragohain, Romel  Dutta and Shitaljit Kshetrimayum for her photo shoots.

Gloria Tep

So where did she get all the skills and inspirations from?

Apart from the inborn skills and passions, she derives her inspirations from the things around her, and from the TV shows she enjoys watching. Each of her designs exhibiting a touch of her personality, her clothing design ranges from long flowy gowns to dresses, Bridal wears to fashion kimonos, Canvas bags to clutches.

Ziony credits Dawner Azyamah, a fashion design student, and also a close friend of hers for mentoring her in perfecting the art of pattern making.

ziony designs

When asked about her inspirations, this is what she has to say “My inspiration comes from my desire to excel and to live fully without depending on anybody.”

She added, “I have made a tryst with fashion designing which I am proud of myself. It not only gives me satisfaction but also an opportunity to be financially independent”.

Yes, not only is she a fashion model, but she is also a role model for many women.

She is now a mother of one cute baby boy (who just turned 1 on 9th Oct.), and a loving wife. Imagine juggling the roles of a mother and a wife, and still finding time to pursue and make her dreams come true! Now, that’s something truly impressive.

ziony thangsha

Behind every successful woman, there is a supportive husband!

They say behind every successful man there is a woman, but it is also true that behind every successful woman there is a supportive husband! Her husband is the proof!

Ziony Shongvah Thangsha is married to Mr Dominic Thangsha, whom she describes as a “very supportive” person. She exclaims that it was Dominic who encouraged her to pursue her passion further in the first place, giving her the space and support she needed.

Beaming with love, Ziony adds that her husband not only respect her career choice but also, loves her very much.

“I’m a big dreamer. I always ask myself what is next? And my answer is, ‘Pray to God, He will give you the answer‘.”

Why should women have all the fun? Ziony has also launched a line for men just recently! ZIONY men’s wear at present includes shirts and waistcoats.

ziony thangsha

In the near future, this independent and hard-working designer intends to open a boutique of her own and wants to teach designing to individuals who are genuinely interested in it.

Her message to the upcoming youths echoes as follows-

“Be ready and confident to work with people who are better than you. Work hard and pray to God.”

Ziony Shongvah Thangsha is on Instagram as Ziony S. Thangsha and Ziony Clothing. You can find her on Pinterest as Ziony Shongvah. You can also follow her on Facebook at Ziony S. Thangsha and Ziony.

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