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Woman who gives birth to five babies loses all. Ignorance or Negligence?

manipur woman gave birth to 5 babies

Most NE woman, specially those from the villages and small towns, even when they are pregnant or sick, do not usually go to doctors or hospitals. They rely on local people. Here is such one incident!

IMPHAL, Sep 25: Oinam (O) Gita hit headlines of all dailies on September 23 after she delivered a quintuplet the previous day. But all her labour pains went in vain and no miracle left to rejoice over as all the five babies died one after another.

Oinam (O) Gita (32) w/o Oinam Santa of Thanga Samukol delivered a quintuplet within seven minutes on September 22 at RIMS. Two of the babies weighed 900 grams each, two others weighed 800 grams each while the fifth weighed 700 gram. Four were females and one male.

One of the female babies died on the day of delivery and the remaining three on September 23. The male baby died at the neo-natal intensive care unit of RIMS on 25 Sept.

Had Gita gone for regular health check-up soon after her pregnancy was confirmed, had she visited hospital in time and had she consumed nutritious food, all the five babies could have survived, said some doctors.

But Gita could not go for regular check-up even though she knew she was pregnant. She could not come to Imphal for regular diagnosis and nutritious food was literally inaccessible. Nor did she receive any assistance from National Rural Health Mission or ASHAs.

Though there is an ASHA at Gita’s village the ASHA never came or enquired about her pregnancy.


Had Gita admitted herself in hospital sometime before the delivery, she could have delivered the babies about three weeks later when vital organs of the babies are more mature.

Head, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department RIMS Dr Nabakishore said that if a woman is pregnant with twin or more, she requires treatment at hospital. Nutritious food and rest are also essential.

Generally, women pregnant with twins or more would deliver babies prematurely. Nonetheless, the babies remain in the womb for at least 37 weeks with necessary medication/treatment. To strengthen lung function of the unborn babies, necessary injections are administered and it is crucial to ensure that all the vital organs can function independently before the babies are delivered.

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