10 Reasons Why Hauri Lung is The Perfect ‘Home’ For NE Girls in Pune

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Sleepless nights of studying.

Endless exams.

Nauseating exam results.

Nervous pre-university admission interviews.

You made through all that. And finally it’s time for you to run around in search of a good hostel or PG. (Now, that also a hard job! Phew!)

Leaving the cozy home for further studies (or work) to metropolitan cities is, no doubt, a struggle. But getting a good hostel with good food and good environment is a challenge!

For those of you who are in Pune and knocking on every possible door for such place, well here is the good news! A secure environment to live, comfortable to study, and serving scrumptious meals, here is HAURI-LUNG Girl’s hostel.

And here is the top 10 reason why it is the best hostel for NE girls in Pune:

#1 Awesome Location

You do not have to spend hundred in your travel to classes, nor do you have to wriggle into crowded buses for hours.

Hauri-Lung is located at a prime location Janwadi, S.B.Road, Shivajinagar, Pune. It is just 5-10 minutes travelling distance from most of the prominent and top colleges like Symbiosis International University, Fergusson College, Deccan Education Law College, Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce,  University of Pune, ILS Law College, Films and Televisions Institute of India(FTII) Prihan Maharashtra College of Commerce(BMCC), SNDT Women’s  University, Indian Institute of Planning and Management(IIPM), Modern Law College, Maharashtra Institute of Technology(MIT), College of Engineering Pune(COEP) etc.

And if you have to do a quick shopping, don’t worry, the shopping mall is just a walk away!

Janwadi map

#2 Free Wi-Fi

Yes!  you heard it right. Free wi-fi for everyone!

WhatsApp Karo, Facebook Karo and more importantly use it for your study purpose! (You hear? For STUDIES)free wifi

#3 Awesome North East Food

You would think getting a good healthy and tasty home food is impossible in Pune. That’s where Hauri-Lung comes in. A Full-Time cook to look after the Hostel mess, you are just a bite away from yummiliciuous and healthy home food!North East Food

#4 A Lady Warden

Nobody understands a woman better than a woman. And lo! Hauri-Lung has a lady warden to attend to your needs and listen to all your worries (without judgement!).

hauri lung

#5 Hostel’s Managing Director is Rock Solid

His name is Mr Rock Lungleng, a Tangkhul Naga from Manipur. True to his name, he is Rock Solid and among the well know NEsterner in Pune.  He was the Former-President & Currently an Advisor-North East Community Organisation, Pune. He was also the Convenor North East Students’ Forum, 2012 and President Naga Student Union Pune 2010-2011. Phewww need we say more? With all these portfolios Mr Rock has connection with all the who’s who of Pune.

In other words, the girls are in the safest place in Pune!Rock Lungleng

#6 Hostel Outings

No. They are more than just a hostel providing you food and lodging. In Hauri-Lung, outings are pre-planned in the best places in and around Pune. Not just once, but Twice in a year!Hauri Lung Hostel

#7 Events & Celebrations

They are well known for keeping up with birthdays and other festivities. Be it your Birthday, or Advent Christmas or a New year, no days will be left without celebrating!

And most importantly, they have a special women’s day celebration event each year! (Impressive, yes?)Hauri Lung girls hostel

#8 Extracurricular Activities

Who says participating in events are only limited to the colleges and universities?

The girls participate in cultural events showcasing NE culture. They also have active participation in NCF, Student union and other NE community.

(Wow! No hostel can get more social and more educative than this!)

Hauri Lung girls hostel

#9 An Idle Place To Study

You do not have to worry about a noisy hallway, that shrieking study hall or a dingy room!

In Hauri-Lung, each room is designed for two residents only. Each room is well fitted with chair, study table and a wardrobe. Quiet and well maintained rooms, they are perfect for students to study with less distraction and disturbance.hauri lung

#10 Personal Growth

Hauri Lung is also a place to nurture and develop personal growth. Prayer meetings, Group discussions and other personal development activities are taken up from time to time.

Prayer meetings, Group discussions, and other personal development activities are taken up from time to time. Hauri Lung girls hostel

So if you are looking for a nice homely place to stay in Pune, look no further, Hauri Lung Girl’s Hostel is your perfect ‘Home Away From Home’.

How to get in touch:
Phone number: 09970966590 Mr.Rock Lungleng, Managing Director HAURI-LUNG
Email: [email protected]
Visit their Facebook Page HAURI LUNG for more details.

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