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WARNING: What this guy did after seeing how ugly his online girlfriend was in real life, should not be imitated by anyone.

This photo was taken by one of the Citizens that witnessed the actual event. That was the dead body of Mark Anthony and  there’s a security guard who made sure that no one will touch the said body.

(Article translated to English by a Pinoy TRS reader)

Strange News in the Philippines:

“I thought you are really pretty, but I was just so stupid because I believe that you’re really that beautiful in those pictures but those were only filtered and edited.” (translated)

This is what Mark Anthony Perez said to her online girlfriend when he already met the girl inside the mall  2 days ago.

Her girlfriend (requested to do not publicize her name) is famous in Facebook and Twitter because of her beautiful and out-stunning pictures and she met Mark Anthony (his long term boyfriend) through online too. But because they are in long distance relationship, they didn’t meet for a long time but still decided to be a lovers officially. She always use Camera 360 and Retrica with her pictures so she can look attractive and beautiful always and to deceive a lot of people online. She thinks that it is the most effective way to attract people and caught the attention of everyone. And one of those victims is Mark Anthony.

After 4 months of Long Distance Relationship, they finally met in person. But to his surprised, Mark Anthony has been very disappointed and horrified. He saw her online girlfriend real face and was really shocked (in a bad way) even she’s full of make-up. After that incident, he cried and lost his control mentally and  jumped on the 4th floor of the mall immediately when they apart.

Mark Anthony was already dead on the spot when the ambulance came. He received major injuries such as broken bones (spinal cord specifically) and  a damage to his vital organs especially on his lungs and brain. Even the doctors expected that it will cause much to Mark Anthony’s body and that they could never saved him because he landed solidly on the 1st floor.

Many witnesses saw that tragic moment to the poor man. The police investigation has been already closed and the event was 100% suicide purpose since they interviewed the people.

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