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Video of tube-well pumping by itself is freaking the locals in Sonari, Assam

Do you believe in paranormal activities? Do you believe in ghost?
Well guess what, this video is going to give you chills.

As per the news reported in time8.in a tube-well was caught on tape pumping water by itself in Sonari of Charaideo District of Assam.

And interestingly, as reported in the news, the paranormal activity happens only after it gets dark. Locals from far and near are visiting the place to see it for themselves.

The tube-well, as reported, is located in the backyard of one Lakhiram Tamuli and locals claim it has some “connection” with the recent passing away of somebody in the family.

The activity has been recorded on camera and TIME8 has the exclusive visual of the pumping of the tubewell at Lakhiram Tamuli’s campus.

Here’s the video:

And that’s not all!!!

As per some of the locals, stone-pelting also happens at night near the house. Locals are spending sleepless nights as they claim, it’s not just the tube-well, but also gears of the motorcycle of the house being changed can be heard at night.

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What do you have to say about this? Mad-made? Fake? Ghost? Any explanations? Leave your comments.