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Some of the touching stories from the family members of Flight MH370 victims.

Six months after Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 with 239 mostly Chinese people on board went missing on March 8, how are the Chinese families dealing with the tragedy?

Here is a collection of their stories with seven families from different cities in China talking about their hopes, expectations and sufferings.


Cheng Liping, whose husband Ju was onboard the missing aircraft, shows pictures of herself with her husband, her husband’s favorite cup and a family photo.

Cheng said her life has completely changed since the incident. Their two young sons, who don’t yet understand, keep asking her when their daddy will come back.

MH370 badge

Zhang Yongli, whose daughter Zhang Qi was onboard MH370, shows a badge that he received from an NGO group supporting the family members of missing passengers. Zhang said the incident has ruined his and his wife’s lives.


Liu, whose husband Li Zhijin was onboard, tries on her husband’s ring. Liu said she had argued with her husband in their last phone call before the incident. She could not have realized that it would be their final conversation, and now her greatest regret.


Feng Xuehong, whose son Wang Houbin was onboard the missing aircraft, cries during a media interview in Beijing.

In the last conversation with her son, he said to her, “Give me a hug, mom. Take care of yourself and I’ll come back to see you soon.”


Liu shows a picture of her missing husband Lu on his laptop. They got married on March 1, a week before the incident, but could not go on a honeymoon due to her husband’s busy schedule.


Zhiliang sits in an empty house that his missing fiancée had planned to design for their marriage. The house is yet to be decorated.

Zhiliang said that he will never stop waiting for his missing fiancée to return. They had planned to get married this year.


Hu, whose son Zhao’s whole family was onboard MH370, wipes away tears during a media interview. Her granddaughter’s framed picture is seen in the living room of her house.

Hu said she could not bring herself to return home for some time after the incident, because she was afraid of entering the empty house, no longer full of her granddaughter’s lovely smile. She said that she had thoughts of committing suicide.

Searching for MH370

As the search for the missing MH370 continues, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his visiting Australian counterpart Tony Abbot in Malaysia said on Saturday that the two countries would continue their cooperation in dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy.

Abbot said a new search would start in a fortnight and all humanly possible efforts were being taken to scour the zone.

On the cost of the search, he said Malaysia and Australia would contribute 60 million Australian dollars (about 56.3 million U.S. dollars) each.

Abbot also said the Australian government plans to erect a monument on its western coastline, in memory of those onboard MH370.

(Adapted from Xinhua, China Daily)