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This restaurant staffs were asked simple questions about their moms when one by one they started crying.

Mothers are always there for us. From the moment we were born into this world, they have already given up on their own liberty—just to make sure we are happy.

As children, we are almost inseparable from our parents, especially our moms. From the struggle of letting go of their hand on the first day of school, to the time when you will have to move out of your home to start a life of your own—our mothers were always there.

Now that many of us are stable and working, it is about time that we give back. Not only by supporting them with the money we make, but by giving them the love and care they have been giving us their whole lives.

Bar-B-Q Plaza decided that it wanted to reward its most hardworking employees and the ones who live the furthest from their family and arranged a little surprise for a group of them.

The restaurant gave their staff members a chance to enjoy a meal with their mothers but asked them to answer a few simple questions first.Captured on camera the group each sat down separately and were videoed working their way through an exam-style sheet of paper.

Since being posted to YouTube the clip has received over Four million views.

Watch this tear-jerking short video that will make you call your mom before you even finish it!

For many of us who have migrated to cities to earn our livelihood, or to study, let us take a moment to reflect our mother’s love and sacrifice for us. Let us ask ourselves these simple questions, What’s your mom favorite food? What’s your mom favorite dress? What makes your mom happy?  When was the last time you laugh with your mom? What was your last conversation with your mom about? When was the last time you called up your mom and say you love her?

If you don’t have these answers, its time we introspect our mom’s love and sacrifice. We lack in expressing our love and gratitude to our parents. It’s time we pick up our phone and call up our moms and say I love you mom!

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