This NAJ Cosfest 2015 Naga Folkfore will come alive!


The Nagaland Anime Junkies has just made a Special announcement for the upcoming NAJ Cosfest 2015 and for all the eager cosplay enthusiasts!!

This 3rd Annual Cosfest, as an effort to promote the rich Naga culture, they will incorporate it into cosplay. New cosplay category ‘Cultural Crossover Cosplay‘ will be introduced this year. It will be a group cosplay contest where cosplayers will be blending in anime/movie/comic/game characters into Naga folklores.

Each group will be given a maximum time limit of 5 minutes within which they will have to perform their cultural crossover roleplay. One can pick any naga folklore and present their own interpretation of it. Mix naga attire with that of a fictional character from a source of their choice.

Not only will this be a fun group activity for you and your friends or family,it also gives you the chance to win Rs.20,000!!! The winning group gets to walk away with a cash prize of Rs.20,000.

Apart from the cosplay competition which will be for two days, the Cultural Crossover Cosplay contest will take place on the 2nd day of the Cosfest,12th July. 

Visit the official NAJ Page for registration and other details:

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