This Naga guy cleared IFS, than MPSC and now UPSC

In one of a kind of achievement and possibly the first among the Nagas*, a Tangkhul Naga guy, Shanngam Shaliwo has cleared three competitive exams for the year 2013.

Shanngam Shaliwo
Shanngam Shaliwo

He first cleared IFS (Indian Forest Service) 2013 conducted by UPSC in January 2014.

 Which was followed by state level civil service, Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC)  in April 2014

And now he has cleared UPSC !

Interestingly, in his recent interview with Mr Raingam, he had shared his academic records where he had passed matric in II Div, PU in I Div and Graduation in III Div.

His hard work and dedication is an inspiration to many people.

We Congratulate him on his grand success. And wish him a bright future, in whichever post he choose to serve the people.

Check out his interview.

Mr. Shanngam Shaliwo who have cleared MPSC Exam 2013 securing 24th Position.
(For your information he has cleared Indian Forest Service Exam last year and has also given his Personality Test for UPSC Civil Services Exam 2013)

Mr Shanngam Shaliwo, My heartiest Congratulations to you on behalf of all the members TANGKHULS on Facebook for your success in MPSC Exam 2013.

1.What is your first reaction when you heard the news that you have cleared MPSC Exam 2013 ? 
Shanngam Shaliwo: Unbelievable and excited at the same time. Never hope that I would make it considering all the alleged backdoor circumstances revolving around the previous MPSC exam 2011.

2. Can you tell us about your academic background?
Shanngam Shaliwo: I have a bad academic records. You will know the facts in the next following lines:
1. Matriculation from Sacred Heart high School with 2nd Div.
2. 10+2 from Raid Laban College Shillong with 1st Div.
3. Graduated from Ramjas College with 3rd div.

3. Can you share us about your family background and village? How helpful were they in your life?
Shanngam Shaliwo: I hail from KhamasomPhungrei village. Dad is a fourth grade govt. employee (PWD road Mohorar) and my mom is a housewife. I have not spent much of my time with my family, relatives and villagers but their continuous prayer and support really is the key to my success.

4. Since when did you start preparing for the MPSC?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Did not occur to me that I would give MPSC exam. But I did start my preparation for UPSC from the year 2011.

5. What are your Optional subjects?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Botany and Agriculture.

6. How tough was MPSC to crack?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Comparatively more easy to tackle as compared to UPSC.

7. What are the things you wish you had known while preparing for the MPSC 
Exam ? How helpful would those be to anyone with similar background?
Shanngam Shaliwo: I wish I had been brief about the exams (be it be UPSC or MPSC) from experience seniors. Not getting such briefing creates a situation in which you walk in a dark room without any ray of light.

8. About your expectations and anxious moments before and after the Mains and Interview. 
Shanngam Shaliwo: I did up to my satisfaction in mains. So was expecting to get through if transparency is well implemented. After interview, was again anxious for the same reason.

9. Whose dream are you living? Your parents, community, or yourself?
Shanngam Shaliwo: I plan to live the synchronize expectation of all the above three. I understand that this will be hard to achieve. If given a priority, the first two exceeds my self-benefits.

10. How would you contribute to our society through your service?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Contribute in every possible way be it be social, economic, political and spiritual. Hope and pray that I do not alter the objectives in the days to come.

11. Whom will you give credit for your success?
Shanngam Shaliwo: There is a long list. But first to God who have made me thus so far. To my parents, relatives and friends for their undying support. And lastly to my mentor Dr. Abhishek from Evolution institution who shower with the knowledge that I needed.

12. You have also cleared Indian Forest Service, which one would you take MCS or IFS?
Shanngam Shaliwo: I am still in a dilemma. Only time will decide.

13. You have given your Personality test for UPSC Civil services Exam 2013, can you please share about your experiences and your expectations?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Well, it was an average personality test for me. I got Prof. David as chairman and fortunately, they ask me mostly on two subjects.
1. Biodiversity – from my graduation subject environmental science which I hope have answered well.
2. Ethnic conflict in north east with special focus to Manipur. Insurgency and other developmental issues in Manipur and North east.
I expect to get an average marks for the interview.

14. What is your message to all the MPSC/ Civil services aspirants of Tangkhul?
Shanngam Shaliwo: Where to I begin? Let me list them in the point wise manner.
1. Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction”.
2. Ecclesiastes 3. Everything has its time. So if you are giving exams its time to study.
3. To hunt you toil day and night to track down the animal. Likewise, you really need to buckle down and study. This is a known fact.
4. A wise man once told me to aim high. He says “Aim for the topper to get 1st div, to get 2nd div aim for the first”. The point is that the outcomes are far less than we expected. So, let’s aim ourselves high and work accordingly. Also we need to set aside the fact that being ST we have reservation. This creates a kind of illusion that we need to study less the general. It is high time we get in competition mode with the general category no matter our past upbringing. Furthermore, when you succeed in doing so you create a room for our fellow STs.
5. Speed and accuracy is now the mantra of success in this highly competitive world. In the exam you are tested with your speed of understanding, speed of analysis, decision making, writing speed and so on and so forth. It is the same with your accuracy. It is nearly impossible to know every detail facts and figures. But somewhere you need to be at least 60-70% accurate to get decent marks.
To increase your speed, keep writing and keep revising over and over again to be more accurate.
6. Guys continue to pray and pray. There is no other greater power than a sincere prayer. Pray that GOD open the doors for you, give you the required knowledge, help you to compete with thousands and ask for his blessing every time you open a book.
Lastly, I challenge all of you to overcome the fear of being lost in the battle. Let the battle be lost, but we are never going to give up the WAR, in fact we are going to win it. Come on guys, there is no written records that we cannot overcome the generals, other tribes and other competitors. If I recall correctly they themselves have been in their mother womb for just 9 months. You will in fact agree with me that we are the same. So where all this potential differences does arises from? It is in the EFFORT they put in. Once thing we need to learn from them is the art of putting continuous effort.Thank you all. God bless

>>> Mr Shangngam Shaliwo, thank you so much for sparing your precious time, sharing your experiences and success story.
I would like to wish the best of luck for your UPSC Civil Services 2013 Exam result.
May the good Lord bless you abundantly in all your future endeavors and be a channel of blessings wherever you go.
Thank you once again.

Interview by Raingam Shokwungnao

Courtesy: Longshim.


*Subject to correction
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