This is one of the main problem in Nagaland. And its increasing at an alarming rate!

As on 31st December 2013, there WEre 63, 733 educated unemployed youths in Nagaland who are in the registered list of the Employment Exchange.

The actual figures of unemployed persons would be much more taking into account the number of unregistered unemployed youth.

Unemployment is a serious issue that is hindering the economical and social growth of the society.

Here’s educated unemployment at a glance…


 What will be the state of our society when so many graduates are staying idle and unemployed?



 And educated unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate…..


 While we Nagas stay unemployed, others are getting richer day by day…


And their findings are very alarming


 The annual income earned by Non-Nagas are not small either!


 And they are present everywhere,….


 Which leads to our economy  leaking at a very high rate…


 That equals to 36% of the State’s annual plan outlay of Rs. 760 crores (2006-2007 Plan outlay).

And here’s the thing…


And interestingly the survey indicates that income levels of many unskilled non-Naga employees are higher than that of many government employees in Nagaland.


Our inability to look beyond the traditional employment sectors, inability to venture into new areas, dependence on the Government, dependence on parents, lack of focus, lack of work culture and entrepreneurial spirit, inability to change the mental setup that the activities in the construction sector, in loading and unloading, in plying rickshaws and hand carts etc are the domain of outsiders alone have resulted in lost opportunities.

PS: This is not a post that suggest chasing out of Non Nagas from the state and snatching the employment from them, as the solution. Even if all the Non Nagas left the state, our people will still be unemployed until and unless we change our mindset.  This is a post that encourage dignity of work among the Nagas.

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