'This Is Bill' Inspired Road Safety Campaign By Dimapur Traffic Police Is Just Awesome!

Dimapur Police have been coming out with great Road Safety messages these days. This time around, they are back again with their ‘This Is Bill’ inspired Road Safety Campaign! And it’s pretty awesome, catchy and connects very well with the youths! Kudos! Dimapur Police, You guys deserve an award!

Check out the pictures and give them a round of applause and yes, go like their facebook page!!!

  1. Wangba uses dipper at night. Wangba is Smart, Be like Wangba!

 Road Safety Awareness Dimapur Police

2. Nchum does not use phone while driving. Be like Nchum!

 Road Safety Awareness Dimapur Police

3. Kevi adheres to single lane driving. Be like Kevi Road Safety Awareness Dimapur Police

4. Bokato wears seatbelt, Bokato is smart! Road Safety Awareness Dimapur Police

5. And ofcourse there is Asen. Asen wears helmet. Asen is smart. Be like Asen Road Safety Awareness Dimapur Police

Head over to Dimapur Police Official Facebook page and hit the like button!!!


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