Holy Cow! These guys take 'Cow Stealing' to a whole new level!

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This bizarre CCTV footage shows a pair of thieves stealing a sacred cow – by forcing it bottom-first into the back seat of their tiny hatchback and driving off with it. The incident happened in Chennai on 14/05/2014.

Initially, the cow does not seem to out up much of a fight – it wanders over to the car of its own accord before one of the opportunists seizes it two minutes into the video.

It begins to struggle as it is pushed into the back seat bottom-first, and at one point manages to force the door back open with its head, before giving up the fight.

With their catch trapped, the getaway drivers sets off, and the cow’s main assailant jumps into the moving vehicle as it tears off down the road.

The theft appears to have taken place on a small farm on Kamaraj Avenue in Adyar – a large neighbourhood in south Chennai.

Slaughter of cattle has been illegal in Tamil Nadu – the region where Chennai is – since 1976, though consumption of beef is not banned.

Courtesy: http://patrynworldlatestnews.blogspot.in/

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