Oh Yeah! Pimp My Ride WR Customs! These Tangkhul Duos Gives Ordinary Bikes The Extraordinary Touch!

By Morung
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Here is where every biker’s dream come true!

See these awesome customized bikes? You think it just came out from Orange County Choppers garage! Oh well! Hold on to your thoughts. You are just a second away from being dumbstruck with amazement!

These bikes aren’t from Orange County Choppers or any high end custom garage in the country.

WR Custom

They are customized right at Mayophung village, a busy village tucked along the Imphal to Ukhrul road, Manipur. 

Meet the BrainWreckers- Wungshungmi and Ramthing, owners of WR Customs ManipurWR Custom Manipur

(The old man in the middle is their guru and the one who had inspired them)

WR Custom

Can you believe it? They modified this bike with just their BARE HANDS! Now who can beat that Motivation?

WR Custom

What is commendable is that they started their Garage with nothing but just creativity and mechanical skill.

WR Customs

How did they start? 

This is the story of two best friends who always dreamt of having their own company for customized bike. Well, it was a dream for a very long time which had to be put on hold for their lack of funding. But they did realize their dream. And here is the WR Custom who are one of the very few custom bike makers in the country! (Kudos Brothers)

WR Custom

Trust me when I say they Customize ANY bike! Check this one out- a Yamaha bike given new form to move the soul! This cannot just get any better guys!

WR Custom

You think its just the bikers who love it! But oh well, the kids love it too! 

WR CUstom

Test Drive on Ukhrul-Imphal Road

WR Custom

To get your bike overhauled in an awesome way, you can reach WR Customs on their official facebook page WR Customs

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