The Boy With Magic Hands: 3D Man From Nagaland

“To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature.” ~ AUGUSTE RODIN

Introducing you to an amazing artist, still in his teen- Thejaseko R Kuotsu.

I like to call him 3D Man from Nagaland. Thejaseko is only 17- hailing from Medziphema, Dimapur, Nagaland.

Why I Called Him 3D Man From Nagaland

Take a look at one of his sketch. I want you to try and understand the overwhelming feeling that’s possessing me right now.

Theja Rhitso Art- A beautiful 3D art of INR twenty Rupees in color sketching

See what I am talking about? It almost looked real right?

The first time I saw it, I almost skipped it thinking the ‘kid’ must’ve left 20 rupee note on the paper. WRONG! He had drawn it.

A 3D 20 rupees! Cool right? That’s how I decided to call him 3D Man from Nagaland.

More About Thejaseko

Thejaseko has just completed his 10+2 from Sainik School, Punglwa, Nagaland. Young and passionate, his hobby (of course) is drawing and sketching. In between waiting for exam results and excited about starting college, he spent his time drawing.

Thejaseko R Kuotsu Art- 3D art of a juicy apple thrown into the waterAnother art- The apple that accidentally fell into the water. It feels like the water will splash through the page onto my face.

Thejaseko doesn’t limit his art to sheets and papers alone! He takes it to the walls too!

Theja Rhitso- 3D graffiti of a shark on the wall.

The drawing on the wall– Jaws right out of the movie for you by Thejaseko! Painted using colour chalks and charcoal.

(Behind the scene story: Before the painting was completed, it started to rain. So he had to take this pic in a hurry. FYI- he is Thejaseko)

Now, this is a wall graffiti I would want to have. (Anyone else interested?)

How Thejaseko Started Drawing

He started off as every other kid did. Painting, sketching and scribbling since he was in 4th standard. Although at that time he never took drawing and painting seriously.

Theja Rhitso- black and white sketching of a little girl swimming.Now, what is interesting is, it is only just recently that he found out his hidden talent. Or I would like to say, he decided to take his painting skill to a next level.

Meanwhile, here is a look at another painting. A 3D illustration of the random thoughts in his mind put on paper. (Wow!)

Thejaseko R Kuotsu- random thoughts in my mind put on paper

Thejaseko’s Inspiration

Everyone have their own inspiration, and Thejasako is no less. It is his high school drawing teacher Dailee Mao who had inspired him. (Don’t that remind us about our high school teachers too! Sweet!)


A Converse pencil sketch. Any Converse fan out there?

Theja Rhitso- Dimapur

And lo he draws his cozy town- the Dimapur city tower.  A moment of nostalgia indeed. (Still a work in progress he says.)

Thejaseko R Kuotsu- water color painting of a girl beating the heat!

He calls this art- Beat The Heat. Painted in watercolour, absolutely stunning.

Thejaseko’s Ambition

No. He does not intend to beat Picasso or Da Vinci. He wants to go for civil engineering or architecture.

What can I say except that whatever he design, it is going to be a badass!

Before I say my Adieu, here is a Happy Dent from Theja:

Happy Dent 3D drawing by Thejasaro

So head over to his Facebook page Theja Rhitso Art and show your support for this talented young man!

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