From Tearing The Bible To Hugging The Bible. This Is The Amazing Testimony of A Young Naga Guy!

This guy started using drugs at a very young age, his teen age days were spent peddling and supplying drugs. He had nearly died of drug overdose and even torn a Bible. But deep inside him, he knows he was so much in pain, he was restless and helpless, wishing to die and end all the shames and sorrows. But God’s mercy was on him and saved him with His grace. This is his testimony in his own words.

My name is Singreingam Vs, I’m 21 years and I’m from Teinem Village, Ukhrul District. I thought Drugs makes a guy cooler, and so I started taking drugs when I was in 9th standard.

What was once a test, occasional, and fancy become an Addiction. At a young age I become a Drug peddler and eventually became the drug supplier in the Town.

What comes after drug addiction is so much more crimes, but Life goes on, painful, shameful, numb, restless, hopeless, and wishing only to die. The rest is history. But I’m here to testify that Jesus has broken my addiction, I’m clean, free and saved now.

God is able to do the same to you, because he has done in me. I have waken up twice or thrice from Drugs Over dose, and I’m still alive today for a reason bigger than drugs. I once tore the Bible, but today I’m hugging the same Bible. Thank God and thank YBFU for receiving me.


NOTE: Youth Bible Fellowship Ukhrul (YBFU) is one of the most active and effective fellowship in Ukhrul.  The fellowship have been able to reach out to many confused youths in the district.  Apart from the Saturday service, YBFU also  have weekdays ministries such as cottage visitation, school visitation, hostel visitation etc. 
 The above testimony is one of the many testimonies of the youths whom YBFU have been able to touch their lives. 
To know more about YBFU, please visit their facebook page 
PS: You can be a part of this fellowship by getting in touch with them with your prayer request and also by upholding them in your prayers! 
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