Tattoo & Travel Deals for Morungers! [Because COUPONS are the new deal]

How many of you have used a coupon site for getting deals at a dirt cheap rate? Anyone?

If you haven’t then you are missing out on big things! Trust me. You should try using coupons and save tit bits of money. I only realized the value of couponing after I had to shell out hard earned doughs on shopping or travel. In time, I have learned where to get the best deals and how.

It was only when I was looking for deals online that I found this infographic “Tips To Maximize Couponing“. It’s got beauty, its got the points, so I thought I’d share it too. But before we jump to that, I have scrounged two irresistible deals from two coupon sites. Deals for travel and for tattoos.

For Travelers [Because Morungers Travel a Lot]:

OYO rooms have a coupon that guarantees 100% CASHBACK on Hotel bookings! So if you know anyone who is traveling or will be traveling, make sure to grab this deal. [Click Here for Coupon Link]

They also have a FLAT 50% OFF deal on App Use. Simply make a booking through their App. [Click Here for Coupon Link]

Apparently travel peeps are being pampered a lot. Here is another deal from Make My Trip, a 25% OFF on Domestic hotels if bookings are made from the web, and android/iOS apps. [Click Here for Coupon Link]

For The Love of Tattoo [Because I Love Being Inked]:

I have always relied on Mydala for the best deals on Tattoos! This is an absolute ‘Must-Check’ for tattoo lovers in New Delhi.

Orionz Tattoo is offering FLAT 95% OFF on a 20sq. inch color and block/grey tattoo for just INR 799! This deal just cannot get any better! [Click Here For Coupon Code].

They are also offering a Tattoo REMOVAL deal (for 3sq inch) for INR 500! So, if you have a tattoo that you are not so proud about, this is definitely the right deal. [Click Here for Coupon Code]

Colored or black and grey tattoo- 10sq (5×2) inch Tattoo for INR 599, 93% OFF-  from Tattoo Club, Rajouri Garden. [Click Here For Coupon Link]

These deals are valid till 31st August so get it before it expires. And here is the infographic on coupons-

saving coupon INFOGRAPHICS (2)

Happy couponing folks!

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