Suspected meteorite of 12-13 Kg falls from sky in Assam. Was it a part of WTF?

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A stone-like object, suspected to be a meteorite, fell from the sky at Bharalipar of Mohuramukh under Kamargaon police station of Golaghat, Assam creating a sensation in the area.

The incident took place at around 2 pm on Friday.


People saw the “stone” shower fall from the sky, creating an explosion as it hit the ground in a paddy field.

The Kamargaon police have seized the “stone” weighing about 13 kgs. The seized the stone is 10x10x9 cm in size.

“The stone created a crater of five to seven feet as it hit the ground. The explosion also generated smoke,” said an eye-witness.

meteorite in assamGolaghat additional superintendent of police Numal Mahato said the object, though resembling a stone, is apparently made up of metallic substances.

Police have sent the “stone” to the forensic laboratory for tests.

meteorite in assamPicture source: Aamir Haziraka facebook page

meteorite in assam


Was it a part of WTF?

Last month, the European Space Agency announced that an unknown object was streaking through space with Earth squarely in its path. The projectile — know by its catalogue number, WT1190F, but popularly referred to in the media as “WTF” — was spotted early Friday beginning its fiery descent toward the Indian Ocean.

An international team of astronomers and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency observed the 1-meter wide piece of space debris flaming across the boundary of space, about 60 miles overhead south of Sri Lanka.

Source: Sentinel Assam

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