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Here’s why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is tweeting about this girl from Nagaland!


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted saluting the work of a Nagaland girl Temsutula Imsong for her initiative in cleaning Ghats in Varanasi. 

modi tweets about nagaland girl

Here’s the story as published on Niticentral

With an aim to fulfil the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who desires to see a clean Varanasi, Temsutula Imsong, who hails from Nagaland, has undertaken a unique initiative that has emerged to be a great success.

The campaign known as ‘Mission Prabhughat’ has been formed with an aim to clean the ghats in Varanasi, spread awareness among people about the significance of cleanliness and hygiene, and keep a vigil on open defecation on specific ghats in Varanasi.


This revolutionary drive that has been launched recently and  has created immense impact and has received remarkable response with large number of people joining hands and contributing towards its success.

Temsutula Imsong, who works with Sakaar, a voluntary social organisation which promotes the development of rural community, expressed her gratification for such an overwhelming response to this unique mission and shared her exuberance in volunteering for the campaign along with several others including many political leaders, social activists, techies and students. Alluding to the sharp contrast of panoramic view of the Varanasi ghat that anyone can identify from the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning images of the ghats, Imsong said, “Those planning to visit Varanasi, BEWARE!! You may fall madly in love with the Ghats and Gangaji.”


Imsong, who initiated this unique drive attributed the success of this mission to the noble vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who invoked inspiration and motivation among several youths of our country who now voluntarily pledge to join and initiate such campaigns that aims to transform India.

Darshika Shah, a member of this campaign, recounts those memories of the initial days when she and Imsong envisaged this concept of cleaning the Varanasi Ghat. She narrates the efforts and dedication that they had put into realising this dream and how they started spreading awareness through offering sessions in schools. Darshika says, “We began to spend an hour every day, teaching in a school (this was inspired by our PM Narendra Modi asking people to do so, and we found that approach highly practical).”


She also acknowledged PM Modi’s vision that has inspired them in initiating this campaign. She said, “I have no hesitation in acknowledging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision has been a big inspiration. We would not have been able to garner the kind of support #MissionPrabhughat was getting. Even small children at the ghat were saying: “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan ke liye aaye hain!” Since then, no one refused to join us in cleaning the ghat. For once, the vision of clean India was acknowledged, accepted, and also imbibed to some extent, by the society. We saw that happen.”


The ‘MissionPrabhughat’ team, which lives by the spirit of ‘Today We Started… And, Made a Change!!! And, Tomorrow Holds a Promise As We Won’t Stop’, promises to continue their noble mission with full integrity and spread awareness among people. The team has shared the WhatsApp number – 08765674329 and the email address – swachhkashi@gmail.com, urging everyone to join hands and undertake the cleanliness drive. It also arranges debate sessions to hold discussion and allow people to come up with new ideas that could help in fortifying this drive.

To Know more about her, follow her on twitter at @temsutulaimsong

Here's why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is tweeting about this girl from Nagaland! 3
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