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A spiritualist in Mizoram suggest a man to be buried alive to prevent doomsday. Timely police intervention prevents the act.

AIZAWL: A timely intervention of police has prevented an attempt to bury a man alive in Samlukhai village by a group of spiritualists on Saturday.

Sources said a spiritualist, who attended a gospel camping organised by the local church, had a “vision” in which he saw a two-tier apocalypse befalling Mizoram.

“There will so many dead people that will virtually be no one to bury the dead,” the spiritualist was reported as saying.

man buried alive in mizoram
Pic Source: TNT Magazine

As a symbolic to this “doomsday”, he suggested that someone in the community be buried alive for three days. He assured that this person would not die and would be dug out after three days. Then the person would tell his experiences or what he or she saw while in the grave.

Many believed this man’s prophecy and a 20-year-old youth volunteered to be buried alive.

Swiftly acting on reports, police from Sialsuk police station rushed to the village and saved the man from minutes before he covered with soil. The policetold the group that this was illegal. However, on the spiritualists’ insistence, the man was allowed to sleep inside the grave covered with traditional Mizo mourning cloth for a few hours.

Source: TNT Magazine