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Sikkimese Student of Visva Bharati University Stripped And Blackmailed By Her Seniors. But Shockingly University Authorities Dissuaded Her From Report

A first year Arts student of Visva Bharati University has alleged that seniors stripped her, took photograph and then blackmailed to extort money from her.

The shocking thing is even after the girl brought the matter to notice of the university authorities, they didn’t take any proactive stand to nab the alleged perpetrators and rather dissuaded her from going to the police.

According to the girl who hails from Sikkim, on 8th August, three seniors from University forcefully took her in a car and then tried to sexually assault her. They stripped her, took pictures and threatened her saying they will circulate it, if the girl narrates the incident. The girl was even forced to cough up Rs 4,000 by the boys according to the complaint lodged to the university authorities.

On Friday, the girl and her father were first taken to the Vice-Chancellor Susanta Datta Gupta’s office where they spent close to two hours and then taken to another building for discussion. It was not immediately known what transpired at the discussion. After the discussion, the girl and her father were taken to Bolpur railway station in a university car from where they left for Kolkata.

According to the girl’s father who came to pick her up, university authorities apparently discouraged them from going to the police. The girl’s father claims university offered to give money to buy her clothes. The tormented girl has already left the campus with her father. She is unlikely to continue her studies in prestigious Viswa Bharati. No police complaint has been still filed in the case. All the three accused are reportedly missing. The girls’ father has told media outlets that they are feeling insulted by the attitude of university authorities. He said, ‘I am waiting. If they give justice, then fine. If they don’t, I should go to the police,” the father said’.

University, though has denied the charges saying that the matter has been reported to the sexual harassment committee and any legal action will be taken on the basis of their recommendation. It is not the first time Visva- Bharati University has been rocked by such scandals. Even current VC of the University has been accused of sexual harassment in the past.

Via : DNA